Back in the 50s, maybe, everyone strived to have the same things and even look the same as their neighbors, but those days are long gone. Now we are open to so many different styles, and there are many options for short haircuts to give a man his own identity and style.

Choosing the perfect short haircut may not be the easiest decision for a man to make, but it can definitely be fun for anyone to pick out a new, great short haircut.

Men can choose from short haircuts that are softer and more tapered or that are sharper and bolder, like a razored style. The choice is simply up to an individual man and what he is looking for in terms of style and comfort. Short haircuts can evoke a fun, wild image or a modern, conservative aura.

Short haircuts for men may not leave much hair, but there is certainly room for style and creativity. Regardless of what an individual man chooses, there are many available choices, and the right stylist or barber can even give you a great short haircut that takes years off!

Who doesn’t want to look younger at some point in his life? A clean, tailored short haircut is perfect for any place and any time, be it the office, the sports game, or the weekend. With a little bit of time and consideration in choosing the right hairstyle, you’ll be happy with the results.

It doesn’t matter what texture or color your hair is, and there are always good-looking short haircuts for men out there. Check out the following list for more examples of short haircuts for men.

The Caesar Cut

The Caesar Haircut
(Credits: Instagram / @gentlemenology).

Though it may seem like an old-fashioned haircut, many men still pull off the Caesar cut these days. It’s a somewhat short cut, with the hair layered to roughly one or two inches around the head. Once the barber or stylist cuts the hair, the hair is brushed forward over the forehead, with thin or thick bangs that give it an interesting look.

The College Cut (Ivy League)

best haircut for college students
(Credits: Instagram / @ finechick112).

Considered an Ivy League cut in the past, the college cut is often found among young college students, hence, its name. The college cut is cut very short in the back and lengthens slowly until the very front, where the bangs are left about three inches long. The bangs themselves are worn straight, parted down the middle, or brushed over to the side.

The Harvard Cut (Ivy League)

Ivy League Haircut

As its name shows, the Harvard cut is the same as the Ivy League cut that’s been popular among university students. It’s short, with bangs, and is a simple haircut for men that doesn’t require much maintenance. It’s a classic style.


Cornrows Haircut

Cornrows are small braids that are made very close and tight to the scalp and cover the whole head. Stylists divide sections of hair and make small braids to create a straight, uniform look. Cornrows usually take a long time to perfect, and it is a typical hairstyle in ethnic groups.

The Fade Haircut

types of fade haircut

The fade combines a few different styles to form its own perfect haircut. It begins with very short and tapered hair across the bottom and back of the head, with the hair getting longer and thicker at the top, sometimes to as much as two or three inches. The hair is cut in layers, and the fade creates a neat and clean flow through the different lengths of hair. It’s a clean-cut, professional look.

The Flat Top

Flat Top Haircut
(Credits: Instagram / @raftsa).

Most popular among young men, the flat top creates a flat look of hair across the top of the head, and it can be cut and styled to allow the top of the head to be various lengths that then create the flat top. Usually, the hair in front is shorter, getting longer gradually toward the back to keep the flat look across the head.

The Horseshoe Flat Top

Horseshoe Flat Top

The horseshoe flat top is just like the traditional flat top, only much shorter. With the hair cut much shorter toward the front, there is a much bigger landing strip. The horseshoe flattop is created using clippers with no attachment to give the landing strip area a good look. It’s sometimes called a burr with a bumper or a TH flat top.

The Professional Cut

Professional Haircut

True to its name, the professional cut is the go-to ultimate businessman’s haircut, with a traditional look that’s climbed the corporate ladder over the years. The professional cut is long enough in the front so that the hair can be brushed to the side or parted. The cut tapers shorter as it goes to the back of the head, and though it’s considered a professional and power-driven style, it’s really appropriate for anyone, regardless of their job.

Short Back and Sides

Short Back and Sides Haircut

Another style that stays true to its name is the short back and sides hairstyle. It’s a common men’s haircut in Australia and New Zealand, with very short hair—approximately one-eighth of an inch—on the back and sides of the head and long hair on the top. The hair is cut in a tapered manner to give a smooth look, and the longer part can be worn in various ways according to each individual’s taste and style. Some men prefer to wear it brushed to the side or back, parted on the side or in the middle, or even with a flat top.

The Square Back

Square Back Haircut
(Credits: Pexels).

The square back haircut really relates only to the hair on the back of the head and can be a part of other styles. The style works like this: a straight line is made across the back of the neck, and the hair is cut into the shape of a box and is to tapered so as to be kept long enough to show off the shape of the hair. The square back is a versatile men’s haircut, and it works great with other haircuts, like the crew cut, college cut, or flat top.

The Fringe

Stylish Fringe Haircuts for Men

Although it sounds like its own variation of other cuts, the fringe is just a component of other haircuts, not a haircut in itself. While Americans call them bangs, Europeans call them fringe, and they refer to the same thing: the hair that is cut to fall somewhere on and across the forehead is the fringe or bangs.


Taper haircut men

Tapering is not so much a haircut or style as the method used in cutting hair to create a smooth look across a head with different lengths of hair. It can be done in a soft, flowing manner or with a dramatic, crisp transition. The tapering technique is commonly used with many of today’s popular men’s hairstyles and haircuts.

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