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A Comprehensive Guide to Achieving Natural-Looking Hairstyles

Have you ever tried to blend your wig with your natural hairline?

Well, because then you’ll know exactly how much of a hassle it can be! But don’t worry because the beauty industry is ever-evolving, and we’re always seeking new trends to enhance our looks – wigs, weaves, and extensions are just the tip of the iceberg. And hair closure wigs are yet another hair innovation that has revolutionized how we rock our hair!

Closure wigs have been gaining popularity since their inception because of their natural-looking hairline that avoids the hassle of blending it in with your actual hairline. Not to mention, they come in various lengths, colors, and textures that cater to all sorts of different tastes and occasions.

And guess what?

We’ll tell you everything you need to know about the closure wig collection at Luvmehair, so your dream hair doesn’t have to be just a dream anymore!

Table of Contents

1. Importance of Closure Wigs

2. Benefits of Closure Wigs

3. What Are Closure Wigs

3.1 Types of Closure Wigs

3.2 Closure Wigs vs. Other Types of Wigs

4. Choosing the Right Closure Wig

4.1 Understanding Hair Lengths & Textures

4.2 Customizing Your Closure Wig for a Perfect Fit

5. About & Why Luvmehair

6. Conclusion

Importance of Closure Wigs

Women have always been concerned about their hair’s length, texture, color, quality, and even how to properly manage it. But despite the hoards of options available, like cutting or chemical straightening – women never seem to find real solutions to getting those magical, long, and luscious locks.

And that’s where closure wigs come in. They’ve rightly revolutionized the beauty industry by offering an affordable instant solution to a beautiful hair transition without having to deal with harsh chemicals or pricey extensions. Plus, their relevance goes beyond just adding volume. You see, they give people with balding or thinning edges due to alopecia or chemotherapy a chance at restoring confidence by allowing them to feel beautiful hair on their heads again!

Benefits of Closure Wigs for Different Hair Types and Styles

Benefits of Closure Wigs for Different Hair Types and Styles

Now that you know what closure wigs are, here’s how you can use them to your advantage:

  • Protective Styling: Whether you have relaxed strands or kinky coils, closure wigs offer low-manipulation styling options in the form of braids, twists, or buns.
  • Natural-Looking: Unlike other protective styling options, closure wigs provide a natural look that mimics your hairline, making it hard to tell apart from your real hair.
  • Versatility: Closure wigs come in a variety of textures and lengths – from curly to straight, shoulder length, and even waist length. This means you’ll get to choose different styles for different occasions like weddings or a night out with the girls.
  • Easy Maintenance: Caring for your closure wig is relatively easy, especially when compared to traditional weaving methods. Its detachable nature makes it super convenient to use, just like an accessory. You can remove it whenever you feel like it and preserve the style without damaging your natural hair.

What are Closure Wigs?

Closure wigs are a type of wig cap that creates a very realistic parting space at the front of the unit. Also, they come with a piece of lace that sits over the crown area’s front perimeter, leaving as little as an inch of room for customization. They are essentially used as finishing touches since they blend so well with your hair. They might even get mistaken for your actual hair – and we’re not even kidding!

Types of Closure Wigs

There are mainly three types of closure wigs:

1) Lace Closure which is mostly made up of sheer material that closely resembles skin color, making it virtually undetectable, but only when installed correctly.

2) Silk Base Closure – In this type of closure wig, individual strands are sewn in between silk-based material that is placed on top, thus allowing room for comfort and breathability.

3) Monofilament Closure – This type is made from monofilaments which gives the impression of an illusionary scalp. And since the base blends well with almost any skin tone, it adds an additional layer of realism.

Differences Between Closure Wigs vs. Other Types of Wigs

It’s not uncommon for people to classify all wigs into one ‘category’ since they’re all essentially ‘just wigs,’ right? But well, let us clarify.

So, closure wigs basically have a small piece of lace that covers 4 or 5 inches across the hairline and allows you to expose parting space as per your preference. And while full-face wigs also come with lace material from ear to ear, this realistic hairline experience comes at a relatively higher cost. Frontal wigs, on the other hand, provide more significant coverage compared to closure units as they extend beyond the hairline, providing ample space for customization.

Choosing the Right Closure Wig

So, now that you’ve decided to get yourself a closure wig, the next thing is choosing the right one. And, of course, when selecting the right unit, you’ll need to consider various factors like hair type, face shape, desired style, and budget.

  1. Hair Type – This is fundamental since closures are usually designed for specific types of hair. Straight-haired clients should choose straight, lightweight closures, while those with curly or kinky hair should lean towards heavier closures that better fit their natural head volumes.
  2. Face Shape – Various wigmakers recommend certain wig tendencies based on distinct facial shapes. For instance, diamond faces look greater in volume-rich layers, while heart-shaped faces pair well with longer styles that fall just below the shoulders. So, you should go for a wig that complements your skin tone and features.
  3. Desired Style – Do you want long, sleek hair or a short bob? Whatever your preference, it should make your decision a whole lot easier.
  4. Budget – Luvme Hair offers quality closures with realistic parts starting as low as $109, without compromising on quality or style, so one less thing to worry about!

Understanding Hair Textures and Lengths

It’s super important to consider texture when choosing an appropriate closure wig. Not to mention, you also have a range of options in terms of length. Regardless, though, we recommend going with your own preferences rather than focusing too much on what society’s idea of beauty is. You have lots of options, so make the most of them!

Customizing Your Closure Wig For a Perfect Fit

Apart from everything else, you also need to ensure that your closure wig is a perfect fit. This is important for both longevity and comfort – hence, it’s not a step that you can simply skip over. And all you need to do is measure your head size before buying a wig so that it fits just right over your head.

About & Why Luvmehair?

When we say Luvme Hair has the best-ever closure wigs, we’re so not exaggerating. You see, Luvme Hair has dedicated itself to offering top-notch hair products at affordable prices, and never once has it failed to deliver that promise! Thus, their closure wigs have gained immense popularity with their clientele because they have seen first-hand their positive impact. And what’s more, they also make lace frontals, full lace wigs, and even 360 frontals. And this way, they would be able to cater to all sorts of different clients with different preferences – which is obviously great. So, stop what you’re doing and browse the entire collection here.


With this comprehensive closure wig guide, we hope you’re now equipped with enough knowledge about the benefits of closure units, different types, how to pick the right one, and why Luvme Hair should be at the top of your list when looking for high-quality closures. Remember that these units are not supposed to make anyone feel fake but rather uplift them as extensions of their natural hair! So, get out there and rock it with Luvmehair’s amazing locks!

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