Lavender Locks

Has anyone else noticed the trend for lavender-colored hair? No longer the preserve of the ‘purple rinse,’ lavender is this season’s most beautiful beauty trend. Chanel embraced the trend at the 2013 Resort wear show. And where Chanel goes, others will follow.

Plenty of the big fashion houses sent models down the runway with pretty purple hair, while celebrities such as Katy Perry and Kelly Osbourne have both opted for lavender locks this season. It’s a much easier color to carry off than some of the more ‘outrageous’ colors out there, and it goes with most complexions.

Lavender and locks farm

If you’re getting bored of your current color, then lavender could be perfect for you. It’s flattering, and what’s more, it is a great way to inject some more lavender into your life.

In order to dye your hair lavender, you first off have to bleach your hair. Bleaching your hair is the most difficult part of this process because it can severely damage your hair if it’s done wrong. If you’re feeling at all uncertain, enlist the help of a professional. Paying for the style up-front could cost a lot less than having it fixed later.

Lavender Locks ideas

But if you can’t quite bring yourself to go the whole way, lavender eyes are a good nod to the trend, as seen at Versace. Although we have been conditioned to think that blue/lavender tones are a mistake (and should be left in the 80s), lavender around the eyes can actually look very pretty.

There are a few tips you might want to follow, though, to make sure you choose the right shade of lavender for you.

Cool colors like deep purples and lilacs make green eyes look beautiful, while navy or indigo can make blue eyes pop. Lilac and purples look best on brown eyes and bronze-skinned, olive-skinned, and black-skinned women.

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