Know These Before You Color Your Hair

Want the long silver-blonde locks of your neighbor? Then, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get the style that suits you best. The key to straight or curly beautiful colored hair is to figure out the tints that will highlight your looks.

When this is your first time going to a salon for a dramatic change, you may find that there are lots of options available. You may opt for a color that is closer to your natural look, or you may deviate and get that strawberry blonde that you were dreaming about for many months.

Another thing to remember is that when you are still not familiar with the process of coloring, a hairstylist is your best choice. For professional stylists such as those in The New Door Salon, hair color service is one of their expertise. They can help you with choosing the best tints, applying them, and making sure that you will be your most gorgeous self after the process. Plus, you can save the trouble and the headache of a DIY project gone wrong.

Here are some things to consider when you are planning to get a different shade for your next date, or you just want to look different from your daily look.

Choose Between Semi-Permanent and Permanent

Some stylists will ask whether you prefer to have permanent shades or semi-permanent ones. Semi-permanent dyes can provide you with a great look, but they fade after about five weeks. They are typically applied outside the shaft, and they don’t contain the strong chemicals or bleach that is typical in the permanent varieties. The semi-permanent tints are great for covering grey hairs, but they are not used when you want a red or brunette look. Get more information about semi-permanent tints, please click here.

On the other hand, some permanent dyes such as caramel burgundy or copper shimmers can require lesser products. Still, they have more ammonia and hydrogen peroxide for them to last longer. They can have more extensive color options, and the natural pigments from your locks are oxidized to lighten the strands. If you have thick curls, it’s best to go with permanent coloring since the strands can handle more potent chemicals. People with more delicate hair can go on semi-permanent to see if the color sits them.

Process of Single or Double Applications

In single applications, the new color is applied to every strand to create a base. Individual shades can be great when it comes to covering silvery grey hair or if you want to add a little glam. The process is generally more affordable, and you will spend lesser time inside the salon. The general rule of thumb is that going lighter uses harsher chemicals while going darker is gentler.

If you have black hair and you want to go on ash blonde or light honey butter colors, your stylist will generally do the double coloring process. To begin with, they will bleach all the strands, and they will add the color that you want. This can be complicated process and time-consuming. But it is more important than only a professional will do this. You may also require to do more maintenance and touch-ups on the roots from time to time.

Lowlights and Highlights

How to Care for Your Strands Afterward

These are processes that can be applied at the same time. Most people may be familiar with the highlights where selected strands of hair are only lightened. They can do the DIY process or they can visit the salon for this. For more information about dyeing your hair at home, you can visit this site here:

Highlights don’t need to be blonde, and they can be any color as long as it stands out from the natural strand colors. The lowlights are also becoming popular as when you are a natural blonde; the stylist will take some strands and apply darker dyes on it.

The lowlights and highlights can be combined to create gorgeous hairstyles. The mixing of the low lights will make the dark roots less evident. They can also be useful if they match your skin tone. Most may recommend red tints to black-haired people.

How to Care for Your Strands Afterward

Chemicals are used for both semi-permanent and permanent dyes. They can cause damage to your strands if you don’t do proper aftercare. You may need to get a gentler shampoo after you visit the salon. Stylists can recommend conditioners that offer deep treatments and protect the shades at the same time. You need to use products that are only exclusive to colored hair.

It’s not recommended to wash your hair every day, especially if they have just undergone chemical treatment. This can make them brittle, and this can result to split ends. Less frequent washes also protect from the early fading of the tints. When you frequently go out, look for products that are specially made for protecting your hair from the sun.

When you want natural-looking gorgeous blonde hair, you should consult a professional first. They have lots of experience in handling their clients’ locks, and they can provide excellent suggestions for the tints that suit you best.

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