A Case For Intentional Visible Roots: Kristen Stewart short hair cut.

Visible roots are often seen as a big beauty faux pas. Remember how the tabloids were on high alert for when Kim Kardashian‘s blonde hair starting showing the first signs of black roots? Visible roots are up there with not blending your foundation into your neck properly and not having an even fake tan. There are lots of hacks on how to disguise your roots but instead of wearing a headband until your next salon appointment, you should rip off that hairband and embrace them.

Intentional visible roots are a hair trend where people choose to skip the colorist appointment and show off their natural roots. Hair colorists suggest adding texture and volume, toning tresses, or rocking an ombre style to make dark roots look intentional. Intentional storytelling can also be used to shift grassroots efforts with affinity groups.

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Visible roots have pretty much-gained trend status by now. Celebs are purposely slacking on their trips to the salon and embracing growing-out color. Jared Leto did it. Blake Lively and Kristen Stewart have showed off their not-so-salon fresh hair. Madonna one-upped everyone and went for three-tone hair. Think of it as a new twist on ombre hair. Some are even dyeing their roots a different color. You may not go that far, but why not show off your roots?

Blake Lively baby bump red carpet makeup hair

Do you really pretend that your hair color is completely natural and you were born with perfect blonde to brown ombre hair? That would be exhausting. So why not give the look a try? It’s not like people think that you have natural rainbow hair. What’s the big deal about having roots? It’s just hair.

Visible roots are embracing lazy girl beauty. Salon-fresh hair color makes you think of a person who is always camera-ready but visible roots say, “So what I didn’t have time to go the hairdresser? I have better things to do.”

One of the most tempting reasons to try it is the amount of money you will save with salon visits or boxes of at-home hair dye. Not going for touch-ups every 4 to 6 weeks can leave you to wish more cash to spend in other places. And who doesn’t love having more cash?

You may not be totally convinced to go for the four inches of regrowth look quite yet, but try just extending your next salon visit by a couple of weeks. And don’t think about putting on that headband until then.

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