Human Hair Wigs


Hair Wigs are the artificial hairs that are worn by models, actors, actresses, and many more people. There are a variety of hair Wigs available in the market and the different styles and colors. The two primary two types of Wigs are human hair Wigs and lace hair Wigs. Human hair wigs can either be longer or smaller in length depending upon the demand of the person, whereas lace hair Wigs are short length wigs that do not provide a natural look but are shinny. On applying wigs, many questions arise in mind, and some of those questions are discussed below:

How to maintain hair Wigs?

The hair wigs are very gentle, even though they are of good quality. The maintenance task of these hair wigs is an easy task, but some unique things have to be kept in mind. There are not some extraordinary measures that are to be taken but some things that are to kept in mind while washing them or while dealing with them. Some of the specifications that should be kept in mind while cleaning these hair wigs should be:

  1. They should be washed using cold water instead of hot water as it shrinks the hairs and decreases the quality of the strands.
  2. They should be washed either once in a week or once in a month so that they can be used for a more extended period and do not lose their looks. Washing of these wigs daily makes them fade and looks like ordinary hairs bought at low rates.
  3. They should be washed with shampoos and conditioners so that the look does not vanishes. The comb should be passed through the wet hairs to clean them in a better way.
  4. The hairs should be combed when they are wet so that they do not break and spoil.

Though maintenance becomes easy as we follow all these rules and the hair Wigs can be used for a more extended period.

How to soften the human hair wigs?

How to maintain hair Wigs

The hair wigs become dry and stiff when it comes in contact with the sun or winds. To avoid the breakage and spoiling of hair wigs due to such reasons, there can be many preventive measures that should be taken care of, and some of the things are also applied on the hairs to gain nutrition and shine for the hair wigs. The preventive measures that can be taken are:

  1. Cover the hairs while going out.
  2. Proper oiling of the hairs
  3. Time to time washing

The things that are applied to the hairs that help to soften them and gain their original look are:

  1. Moroccan Argan Oil
  2. Proper use of wig brush
  3. Use of Shower Cap
  4. Moisturizing shampoo and conditioners
  5. Hair Dryer
  6. Wig Comb
  7. Thermal Protector Spray

These are some of the things that are to be used to soften the wigs and make them look shiny.

How to prevent human hair wigs from tangling?

How to prevent human hair wigs from tangling

To avoid the problem of tangling, time to time washing of hairs and brushing them gently is necessary. Tangling problem of hairs is mainly observed in the humid, windy, or the summertime due to the winds and also because of the sweat present in the hairs. The tangle hairs look very untidy and create a lack of interest in talking with the people. There are many ways by which this untidiness can be reduced or can be avoided, and some of the steps involve the combing of hairs, oiling them, and many more. Wash the hairs with cold so that the hairs get smooth and can easily be combed. The little amount of shampoo is applied to strands when the hairs are washed, so they become silky after drying them and look beautiful.

How to bleach the human hair wigs?

How to bleach the human hair wigs

Many kits are available in the market which provides the bleaching powder and all the essential things that are required in the process, along with this they have a booklet which has instructions written on it to guide how it works and how it to be applied on the hairs. It is also advised that before bleaching your hairs, you should use gloves that are either of latex or off the rubber. While bleaching or coloring your hairs, you should wear something that if spoils do not harm you much. The instructions that are mentioned in the kit should be followed without any failure to avoid any misunderstanding or any wrong steps. The foil should be appropriately wrapped so that the color gets stick to the hairs properly, and to apply different colors on different segments, different foils should be used.

The bleaching process is an easy task, and if not interested, then it can be done by going to salons or some places where they do bleaching.

Where is the best place to buy human hair wigs?

There are many countries where human wigs are available, but the famous place for these wigs in Canada. Human Hair wigs Canada are the most memorable wigs and are the beautiful ones as they are very shiny and attractive in their looks and attract many people towards them with their colors and styles. Hair and Beauty Canada are the two most essential things in the life of people living there. They compete among themselves based on their looks and also on the styles of their wigs.


Human hair wigs have made the life of the people easy and have added more beauty to their looks with the help of different colors of hairs. The most famous wigs are available in Canada and are famously known as wigs Canada. Therefore, to style yourself and look beautiful prefer wearing human hair wigs and add more beauty to your looks. 

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