Everything You Need To Know About Styling Your Hair with Frenchie Hairpins

Even though it looks scary, the Frenchie hairpins are one of the best styling tools to try if you want to make a look that isn’t a ponytail or a bun. This is true even if your hair is thick or long. Find out how to use this versatile piece, popular in the hair world right now, including a step-by-step guide to making a classic chignon.

Types of Hair That Work with Frenchie Hair Pins, which will give you a perfect look:

Hair length is more important than hair type when using Frenchie hairpinsMake sure that your hair is at least past your shoulders. When styling, you will need a good amount of hair to twist and hold. This pin can be a fun way to try out a new style, but it is not for everyone: Hair textures that are very fine or thin probably won’t benefit from this accessory because it needs enough hair to secure and hold the pin in place.

How to Use a French Hair Pin in the Best Ways for the best appearance? 

A bun or ponytail can get boring after a while, but a Frenchie hairpin gives you more ways to style your hair and is healthier in the long run. These pins prevent any damage that may occur because of pulling the hair. Frenchie hairpins give twists and chignons a more natural look.

Making A with A French Hair Pin

Follow these steps to make a bun with Frenchie hairpins.

  • Spray your hair with a texturizing spray. This is especially important if you have fine hair because the product will give your hair more grip.
  • Next, gather your hair at the back of your head and twist it all in the same direction. As you twist, you will see that your hair starts to wrap itself into a bun as you get closer to your scalp.
  • Once you have twisted your hair all the way, put the fork end of the pin where the ends of your hair are in the twist and weave it back and forth to keep it in place. Do not worry if the first time you try this method, the Frenchie hairpins don’t stay in your hair. You might have to twist and pin it a few times before you figure out how to secure your look.

Why Use French Pins

Jeweled hair combs are one of the most versatile wedding accessories because they work with almost all hair types and styles. There are so many different kinds of Frenchie hairpins that most brides will be able to find one they like. Large hair combs look great when used to hold hair up on one side, and their casual style makes them perfect for beachside weddings. 

On the other hand, medium-sized hair combs are great for adding sparkle to an updo or pinning back small sections of hair for brides with loose hair. Floral, vintage-inspired, butterfly and small hair combs can be used for weddings. Crystals are often used in classic styles, and beads are often used in hand-made ones. 

 Frenchie hairpins have become a popular accessory for brides looking simple and elegant. They have a simple, modern style and a feminine feel because they are often set with crystal flowers or butterflies. Wedding headbands are an excellent choice for brides with short hair who do not have a lot of options. They are popular because they can be worn with any length of hair. Wedding Frenchie hair pins usually have designs like flowers, butterflies, bows, and crystals or beads. Choose the one that suits your face well.

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