Now that it’s fall, we can finally experiment with some fun hairstyles that will not just dissolve into a soppy, wet mess when the summer heat makes you sweat. Fall is basically perfect hair weather, so now is the time to experiment. The top knot is cute and convenient for fall because it lifts all your hair up and out of the way of your coat and scarves. Also, it will make you look super tall.

1. Half-up top knot

Half-up top knot hairstyle

How do you feel about this one? It’s a little unusual, but a good way to give off that DNGAF vibe we all want so much.

2. Giant, messy top knot tutorial

Top Knot Tutorial: Giant, messy top knot tutorial

This is the perfectly disheveled top knot, and the volume is impressive. Also, this blogger looks just like Elsa from Frozen, and that’s cool.

3. Casual top knot

How To Top Knot - Casual top knot

This one is a classic, and I like the use of dry shampoo to give it extra volume.

4. Braided top knot

Braided Top Knot Tutorial

This one has a more polished, formal look, but it’s still easy to put together.

5. Twisted top knot

Twisted Top Knot Hair Tutorial

This one is a good way to get the look of a lot of volumes. Whether you style it messy and casual or polished and formal is completely up to you.

6. Sexy, piecey top knot

Hair how-to styling a topknot

This one is the classically messy top knot I’ve been trying to master for years. Turns out it is a lot easier than I thought.

7. Top knot with a scarf

Top knot with a scarf

This little wired scarf is the perfect addition to your top knot for fall.

8. Top knot with fake bangs

Fake Bangs Topknot

If you’ve ever wanted to see what you’d look like with bangs, try this cool top knot out.

9. Ballerina bun

Inspiring Wedding Photography - Ballerina bun

The ballerina bun is not messy or casual, but this smooth variant on the top knot will make you look as classy and fancy as Audrey Hepburn.

10. Giant top knot

How to style a giant top knot

This one is enormous, and it doesn’t even require a lot of hair to do. Elizabeth Taylor used to wear her hair like this, with a giant brooch stuck in it. Go ahead, give it a try.

Photos: Pinterest

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