A wig or human hair wig is an accessory or substitute for hair. Human hair, animal hair, or synthetic fiber are the common components of a wig. People usually wear hair wigs to hide baldness or less hair. You can notice in films that actors/actresses often wear hair wigs or hair extensions for styling. It’s less intrusive and less expensive than medical therapies for restoring hair.

Different types of human wigs are available in the market, so choosing the correct one is difficult. But, before that, one has to decide whether he/she wants a ready-made or a custom wig. Ready-made wigs are generally synthetic, pre-styled, and stock hair systems.

On the other hand, these units can be changed into custom wings according to the wearer’s head and choice. Custom wigs are more expensive and less artificial than ready-made wigs.

Hair wigs are so important sometimes to get rid of social embarrassment and to hold the confidence of a hairless person.

Human Wig Types and Styling

Human Wig Types and Styling

There are generally four kinds of affordable human hair wigs. Their pattern and texture are different from one another. The types described below will help you style them perfectly.

#1. Lace front hair wigs

The front part of the wig is lace and hair strands are hand-sewn in the holes of the lace giving you a natural hairline in front. It’s an ideal and extremely popular hair wig for all. Lace front hair wigs cover the entire scalp area and give a natural-looking hairstyle.

You can find long, short, straight, and curly lace front hair wigs. One can style any with the wigs. You can style it by straightening or using a wavy curl pattern.

#2. Full lace hair wigs

A full lace hair wig is a lace cap that covers the whole head, and 100% of the human hair is hand-sewn in the cap’s holes. There is a piece of stretch lace over the top of the crown for different head sizes. Full lace hair wigs are more natural-looking and expensive than front hair wigs.

Full lace hair wigs are more versatile and so can be parted anywhere. You can do various styles like high ponytails and other updos.

#3. U- part lace hair wigs

A part lace hair wig is like a normal hair wig except with a small U-shaped opening at the top of the wig. There are both real human hair and synthetic hair in this wig. The U-shaped opening consolidates your natural locks and gives you a more natural hairline.

As the U-part lace hair wig is 100% raw hair made, you can create twisting, dyeing, rebinding, or styling without worrying about damage.

#4. 360 lace frontal hair wigs

360 lace frontal hair wig is basically a lace headband with adjustable hooks in the back so that you can adjust it according to your head shape.

You can move your hair freely and the frontal short hairs will give you a more natural hairline than ever.

#5. Curly wigs

Women want to wear beautiful, natural-looking wigs that are easily maintained and styled. Wearing a wig on your head can sometimes be a hassle. There is always the fear of getting it tangled or dirty because of the heat or sweat.

Wigs must be brushed and conditioned regularly, can’t get wet, and must be styled in different ways for different occasions.

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Hair wigs create an illusion of natural hair. You can do any style with your wig hair, such as your natural hair. You can also take care of your wig like your own hair.

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