It’s been said time and time again that history repeats itself. This is true in many aspects of life but is seen as a particularly steady cycle in the fashion and beauty industries. If you’re old enough to have seen them on their first victory tour, you may have noticed an influx of rather familiar (and very iconic) 90s and early 2000s trends making their grand comeback as of late. In the fashion world, this includes the return of wild animal prints, barely-there camisoles, minibags, and sheer…well, everything. Dark lipliner and colored eyeshadow ruled the makeup scene and the use of texture hair products and tools was ubiquitous.

Is Crimped Hair Back in Style?
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Classic textured hairstyles of the crimped variety are definitely back, and they’re better than ever. Crimped hair is a great way to add loads of texture, dimension, and body to the hair while also giving a nod to yesteryear. Here’s a bit of inspiration as well as a few ideas and tips on how to rock this retro hairstyle with a modern twist.

A Quick Crimping 101

Like a curling iron or any other hot styling tool, a hair crimper uses heat to alter the shape of the hair until the next wash. The most important rule of hair crimping is to start with freshly brushed hair that has been dried after using a salon-quality heat-protecting product. Once the hair is dry, brushed, and parted, it’s time to start the crimping process. Stylists should note that straightening the hair before crimping can be helpful and produce better results for clients with curly, wavy, or otherwise textured hair.

The key with crimping is to work in sections like a blowout. Start with underlying layers of hair and move to the top layer last. Use the crimper to stamp or imprint the crimp pattern onto the hair and do not pull or move the iron once it is pressed onto the hair. Work in two or three-inch sections of hair, depending on the width of the iron. When the hair has been fully crimped, make sure to look for any strands that may have been missed. Apply professional hair styling products like finishing spray, texture spray, or a medium-hold hairspray to lock in the shape before any further styling.

Ways to Style A Crimped and Contemporary Look
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Ways to Style A Crimped and Contemporary Look

  1. Angelic Crimped Waves: Even though a classic crimped hairstyle might bring images of perfectly angled zig-zag hair (that was never touched with a brush, fingers, or a comb after styling) to mind, a softer version of crimped hair is a fun and easy way to put a modern twist on this classic style. To get touchable, wave-inspired crimped hair, start by following the steps mentioned above but don’t add any spray at the end. Instead, run your fingers through the hair a few times, shake it out at the roots, or pass through it with a wide-tooth comb. To avoid frizz or fluffiness, finish off the look with a nourishing anti-frizz oil or serum.
  2. Crimped Ponytail: If an updo is the desired result, crimping can still be an option! Put a modern take on long, crimped locks by pulling them away from the face and into a sleek ponytail. For an ultra-structured look, brush the hair into a high ponytail before crimping. Comb and spray the hair at the top of the head in front of the hair band to lock in sleekness and shine. Next, brush out the ponytail and crimp hair in small sections from top to bottom, making sure to get the crimping iron as close to the hairband as possible for a seamless look. Make it last for hours by finishing with a strong hairspray.
    Crimped Ponytail Hair Tutorial
  3. Crimped Braids: For those who desire a unique and super fun crimped style, try a pair (or more) of crimped braids. This works on an array of different hair lengths and types, and it’s sure to keep the compliments coming at any music festival, pool day or other fun events!
    To start, choose between crimping the entire head of hair before braiding (an option that’s best for thick or textured hair), or braiding some or all of the hair before crimping. Crimping the hair first will result in beautiful, textured braids with lots of body. On the other hand, try braiding the hair and securing it with a hairband halfway down before crimping the loose ends for a cool, contrasting look.
  4. Crimped Hair with Modern Accessories: Everyone has their favorite hair accessory of the moment. Chances are, these can be used to create another look that puts a modern twist on crimped hair. For example, use colored bobby pins to pull back freshly crimped hair into an eye-catching half-up hairstyle. Add a bit of feminine fun to a crimped look by adding a ribbon around the head as a headband or securing a velvet bow in the back for an ultra-textured look. Be sure to add salon-quality volume spray at the end for added dimension!
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