A Guide on How to Look After Your Scalp

Stop just focusing on your hair and show your scalp some love. Here are tips on how to keep your scalp balanced and healthy.

When was the last time you paid attention to your scalp? Was it when you were looking for a dandruff-fighting shampoo that didn’t smell chemical-y? When it comes to our heads, we usually focus on keeping our hair looking flawless and never consider our scalps. We need to start paying more attention to our scalps instead of just focusing on our locks. As celebrity hairstylists and RevitaLash Cosmetics spokespersons John Simpson and Chris Dove state, “A healthy scalp treatment means healthy hair.” Think of your scalp in the same way you would the skin of your body and face. Do you ignore your complexion when there is an issue, or are you making sure it is in check with moisturizers, cleansers, and masks? We asked John and Chris for tips on how to keep your scalp healthy.

The biggest mistake you can make, according to Chris and John, is neglecting your scalp. If you show it some attention, your healthy scalp will result in healthier hair. First of all, it is important to be able to identify if your scalp is irritated or in need of some extra TLC. John and Chris explain, “If your scalp is oily, dry, tight, itchy or lacks sensitivity, this should alert concern. Just like the skin of our face and body, the scalp is the foundation of healthy hair.” Most of us realize something is off with flakes, but you may brush (pun intended) having a dry or oily scalp off and attribute it to just your hair type.

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Scalp Care Routine

Once you identify what your scalp issues are, you can find a specific product to treat them. If you are looking to keep your scalp in check, Chris and John suggest looking for gentle shampoos that focus on cleansing. They state, “[Look for] a shampoo that focuses on cleansing, not robbing, your hair.

To create a clean and hydrated canvas allows you to gain volume and thickness. Be careful of detergent-based shampoos. They can over-cleanse, making the hair produce more oil than necessary. [This results in] lifeless hair and a vicious cycle of cleansing stripping natural, healthy oils followed by dryness and over-production of oil which in turn cause the whole process to repeat again.” Shampoo’s job is to rid the hair and scalp of natural and environmental impurities, but you don’t want to strip it completely.

If you are looking for a good natural, balanced shampoo and conditioner, Chris and John recommend ReGenesis Thickening Shampoo, $89, and Thickening Conditioner, $92. They explain, “This dynamic duo leaves the finest of hair to the naturally thick hair type cleansed and nourished. It is a gentle cleansing shampoo and free of harsh detergents that will not strip the hair. In addition, the ingredients help exfoliate and care for the scalp. Body, thickness, bounce, and shine are the result with every use.” Plus, you won’t have to buy shampoo or conditioner for a year, thanks to the 1-liter bottles.

Taking Care Of Your Scalp

It isn’t just the shampoo that is important; how often you wash your hair is a factor too. John and Chris state, “Over-washing results in an overactive oil production. This concern will make the hair have a reduction in volume or body making it lifeless and flat.” If you are tempted to join the “no-poo” movement, hold up because there are issues with under-washing your hair too. John and Chris explain that under-washing your hair results in an accumulation of oils and excess skin. These could block or even smother the hairs’ natural openings. This often results in the follicles shrinking, which then makes the hair become thinner in diameter. That’s reason enough to have you reaching for the shampoo more.

If you are considering treating scalp issues with home remedies, Chris and John advise skipping them and sticking with the professional products, “Home remedies are just that, home remedies. Just like home coloring is a science project of uncertainty, home scalp and hair remedies are quite the same. A professional regime is a route to go on the journey of a healthy scalp treatment.”

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The next time you are out stocking up on hair products, remember to think of your scalp. It may not seem like it is the most important body part because it is buried under your rainbow hair but remember that your scalp is the thing that is going to keep your mane looking its best.


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