How to Know Your Natural Hair Type

As a natural hair queen, it is important to know your hair type for many reasons. First of all, it will help you to know how best to care for it. Secondly, when it comes to buying wigs or hair extensions, knowing your hair type will help guide you in selecting the texture that matches your natural hair. It is never too late to know your hair type. In this article, you will be getting a list of hair types and their features so keep reading.

3B Hair

One of the major identifiers of this hair type is its spiral curls – the ‘S’ pattern. These curls are well-defined and remain so no matter how you straighten them. This hair is also prone to get more frizzy and tangled. To take care of this hair, it is recommended to use products that are lightweight, sulfate-free, and silicone-free. The best texture match for this hair type is the Curly Closure, Diva Curly Wig, and the Kinky Curly Clip-ins.

3C Hair

Like 3B hair, 3C hair has ‘S’ patterns. However, its curl pattern is tighter. As a matter of fact, this hair type has the tightest curl pattern of all hair types. Due to the texture of this hair, heat should not be used to straighten it as it can damage the hair entirely. To stretch this type of hair, heatless methods like using African threading, twisting, or braiding can be used. The perfect texture match for the 3C hair type is the kinky coily extension.

4A Hair

4A hair has an almost ‘S’-like curl pattern. Its curls are well-defined and it retains moisture. However, it can still get dry so it needs hairstyles that allow for constant moisturizing. The right texture match for the 4A hair type is the kinky coily texture. You can get it in all styles including kinky wigs, clip-ins, ponytail extensions, and U-part wigs

4B Hair

4B hair has a ‘Z’ shape pattern. This hair type is more prone to dryness and breakage. It also experiences shrinkage, making it appear shorter than its actual length. The pattern of this hair type makes it have a fluffy cotton-like appearance. The perfect texture match for this hair type is the Afro kinky hair texture

4C Hair

4C hair type is one of the most common hair types among African women. Although it is tightly coiled, it does not have a defined curl pattern. To get the curls of the 4C hair type defined, you can twist, braid, or use hair curling tools. 4C hair also experiences shrinkage like 4A hair. To get it straightened, you can use heatless methods like African threading, braids, and twists. The perfect texture match for 4C hair is Afro kinky hair texture.

Texturized/Relaxed Hair

Texturized/relaxed hair is one that has chemicals in it. The perfect match for this type of hair is the Kinky Blow Out hair texture.

Take a Hair Quiz

If you still need more clarity on knowing what your exact hair type is, you can take a natural hair quiz.


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