Prevent Your Hair Color from Fading

These days men and women don’t want to color their hair to hide their white hair; they want to experiment and try out new looks. They go to the hair parlor and get their hair colored to the color of their dreams. This could be anything from an ash-blonde hue to a bright shade of blue. Once it is colored, the next step, post the application, is to ensure the color stays on the hair for as long as possible.

There are a number of tips to keep the hair color from fading without damaging the hair texture and gloss. The tips suggest the best way to keep hair color from fading. They range from using the best possible anti-color fade shampoo suited for your hair to keeping it protected from heat and sun. You may not realize it, but your hair color is exposed to many more elements than you care to count. Everything affects the state of your hair, and protection is a must.

Tips On How To Keep Your Hair Color From Fading

1. Buy And Use an Antioxidant Shampoo

Using the right shampoo for colored hair is a critical aspect of keeping the hair color from fading between the parlor appointments without losing the gloss and shine. Shampoo, which is rich in antioxidants, prevents the color applied to the hair from fading fast. It has something called Free Radicals Protection Technology. The effective technology encapsulates the metals in the water. As a result, this reduces the formation of free radicals, which causes the hair color to fade.

2. Use a Hair Mask

Hair care for colored hair is as important as skincare and must be practiced on a weekly basis. After your hair is washed with the shampoo, you must apply a hair mask once a week for deep conditioning of the hair, which helps repair damaged areas of the hair. The hair mask nourishes the hair and maintains the glossy and shiny look of the locks. So if you don’t want it to fade, color your hair with a periodic application of a hair mask.

3. Limit The Hair Wash

how to keep hair color from fading

The higher the number of hair washes in your weekly cycle, the more the color fades. This leads to faster fading of the hair color, dependent on your washing frequency. It is essential to limit the number of hair washes to one or a maximum of two in your weekly cycle. When you wet your hair for washing, each hair strand swells up, and a tiny amount of hair color seeps out. To avoid washing your hair frequently, you can use dry shampoo to keep your hair feeling clean between your washes.

4. Prevent Damage To Hair

Spending a lot of time outdoors under the sun is not advisable. Long exposure to the sun not only ages your skin in the long run but also fades the hair color. To prevent damage from the sun, use hair color protection spray by applying it to your damp hair or dry hair. The spray contains Vitamin B5, which promotes strong and healthy hair while preventing damage to hair from the sun. To keep hair color long-lasting, you can either use sprays or simply wear a sunhat.

5. Go For Trims Regularly

To ensure an even-toned and healthy look for your colored hair, ensure that you book a hair trim alongside your hair color appointments. The split ends in your hair create a sensitized dry base for your hair color dye, resulting in the color not getting absorbed properly or not penetrating deep enough. Ensuring hair is trimmed regularly results in a healthier hair base for coloring those locks. The trim also gives your style shape and structure.

6. Avoid Too Much Heat Exposure

Too much heat exposure to hair not only damages the hair texture but also fades the hair color. Whether you are blow-drying, straightening, or curling your hair, the heat results in causing the hair to become sensitized, which causes the hair to become dry and unmanageable. This could make your hair color look dull and flat, as any color on the hair looks its best on healthy and shiny hair. To prevent damage caused by heat to your hair, use a heat protectant spray. It not only protects your hair from heat but helps to smooth the cuticle by nourishing the hair.

7. Prepare For The Color

Prevent hair color from fading

The best way to keep hair color from fading is to ensure that your hair color lasts long enough. It is not only important to ensure good post-color maintenance, but it is also essential to ensure good color application in the first place. So you must prepare a few days ahead of your coloring. One way to do so is to wash hair with clarifying shampoo prior to visiting the salon for hair color. The clarifying shampoo removes all the residue prior to the color application day. It is also prudent not to wash your hair on the day of color application to preserve natural sebum oils that protect the scalp during the color application process.

8. Go For Pre-Color Treatment

The hair could have irregular porosity, which may result in uneven application and finish post coloring the hair. The pre-color treatment rejuvenates distressed and porous hair while it is dry. A blow-dry is needed to finish the treatment process before going on to the application of color to the hair. This will end up giving your hair a smooth and shiny look which will allow seamless application of color. In this way, your overall result will be better and more healthy.

9. Apply Permanent Hair Color

No one wants their color to fade. Color hair with permanent color in that case. A permanent hair color sticks for a longer period than a non-permanent color. The permanent color opens up the shaft of the hair and embeds the hair dye deep inside it. This ensures stronger color application which stays much longer on the hair and fades slower over a period of 7-8 weeks. The permanent color also does not wash off easily during the hair wash.

10. Use Hair Conditioner

A hair conditioner is as important as a shampoo for colored hair. It brings back life to your hair strands and gives them a shiny and lustrous look. Colored hair tends to get dry and damaged over time. Using specific conditioners for colored hair post shampoo helps repair dry and damaged hair. To get the best results from your conditioner, apply it evenly and follow the application instructions on the product label. The best hairstylist in NJ specifically recommends this tip.

11. Limit Exposure To Chlorine

If you expose your colored hair to chlorinated water in the pool, then your hair color will strip faster. Chlorine in the swimming pool water bonds with the colored hair strands and fades it quicker. It is important to soak your hair and apply a leave-in conditioner prior to swimming in the pool. It will form a protective layer in your hair to prevent it from being damaged when swimming. Alternatively, you can apply oil to your hair and wear a swim cap as an additional layer of protection to prevent exposing hair to the chlorinated pool water.

12. Ensure a Sufficient Gap Between Hair Color Application

If you color your hair too frequently, it can result in dry and damaged hair. It is important to maintain a gap of 5-7 weeks between your hair color application appointments. Once your roots start to show, you can apply hair color sprays or use hair color pencils which are available off the shelf, to color those exposed roots. This will allow you to tide over extra time and maintain the much-required gap between hair color applications.

The Color That Lasts

Older men and women start to apply color to their hair as their natural hair color starts to go white or gray. These days many young men and women start to gray prematurely. Having said so, applying hair color is not limited to covering the greys anymore. It allows women and men of all age groups to explore/experiment with different looks by coloring their hair to match their personas.

Coloring Hair With Care

To keep hair color long-lasting, you can use effective methods that maintain your color and make hair care affordable. Colored hair requires more attention, and by using the above-mentioned tips, you can stretch the time gap between hair color application sessions. It will not only save you money but also keep your hair shining and healthy for a long time. You can also visit the best hair colorist in NJ, that have the best consultants, and get good advice.

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