How to install Balayage Hair Extensions

Balayage hair is an excellent choice if you want to liven up your style without going overboard. Balayage hair extension highlights provide texture and depth while leaving enough length to shape with flat irons or curling wands. Balayage hair extensions are low maintenance, requiring only touch-ups from your stylist every four to five weeks if desired.

How to achieve the ideal Balayage look

How to achieve the ideal Balayage look

The first step is to determine how blonde you want to be. If you want a lighter, more natural look, ask for a Balayage in ash blonde or light blonde. Try a honey blonde Balayage if you want to go big and obtain that wonderful summer hue with loads of texture!

The next step is to decide where you want your Balayage to go. Your stylist will sketch the design and choose a starting point, which might or might not be your natural root color.

The following step is to determine how much of your hair you want to lighten. Balayage normally necessitates the bleaching of all or most of your hair before any form of coloring can be applied.

The lightener will then be painted onto portions of hair using the Balayage technique, usually in the direction that it naturally falls.

Patience is required at this point! Because your hair will most likely need to be processed and dried by someone else, you can expect to wait an hour or more before seeing any results.

Finally, the most crucial task is to keep your Balayage in good shape. As you grow out of your roots, you’ll need to touch up and highlight every few months.

The Procedure for Applying Balayage

The Procedure for Applying Balayage

Balayage is one of the most common ways to lighten your hair. Depending on how much coverage you want and how fast-working your colorist’s bleach is, the application process can take anywhere from an hour to four hours. Consult your stylist for a Balayage hair extensions consultation if you’re not sure which level of blonde or tone would look best on you.

The colorist begins by sketching your preferred design on paper, which may or may not reflect your natural root color if you want to lighten everything up (most people opt for that). The next step is to pick how much golden blonde streaks against your natural hair color you want in your hair.

The hairdresser will next apply a lightener to parts of your hair, usually in the direction it naturally falls, to get realistic-looking results. Because someone else needs to process and dry your locks with heat, you should anticipate waiting an hour or more before seeing any changes–it could be a good idea to get another service done while you wait.

The next stage is to keep your Balayage looking good, which requires touch-ups and highlights every few months as the roots grow.


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