Long Bangs Over Eyes

Growing out your bangs can be awkward. These hairstyle ideas work for bangs of different lengths and don’t look odd.

Even if you love your thick bangs, the summer is when you become slightly less fond of your fringe when it is plastered to your greasy forehead. If you decide to grow out your bangs rather than trying to control your oily face, you’ll have to deal with that annoying in-between length for awhile. Sadly they haven’t developed a hair product that makes your bangs grow into reasonable short layers in just a few days yet. To make the process of growing out your bangs less annoying, there are plenty of hairstyles that you can try that don’t involve sticking two clips at the sides of your head.

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Here are 13 hairstyles that make growing out your bangs look less awkward:

1. Mini Bump

Mini Bump

Leave the supersized bumps to Snooki and pin your bangs back into a mini bump. Pin it slightly off-center for a fresh take on the popular style.

2. Side Twists

Side Twists Bangs

This style works great on any hair length. Twist the top section of your bangs down the side of your head. You can add another twist, or you can mix it up with a small braid.

3. Loop Knot

You’ll be tempted to keep bending down just so you can show off this hairstyle. If your bangs are on the shorter side, add longer layers to the knot, then smooth away any pieces that stick out with gel.

4. Deep Side Part

Deep Side Part Bangs

This hairstyle works whether you have longish bangs or you have one-length hair and want to fake a fringe. Create a deep side part and sweep your bangs across your face, pinning them in place behind a section of your hair.

5. Front French Braid

Twist Bangs

Don’t give up before you’ve even tried this hairstyle just because it has “French braid” in the name. The great thing about this look is that you can smooth and pin down your shorter bangs and use longer layers to achieve the full braid.

6. Twist And Bobby Pin

There are so many hairstyles you can create with just bobby pins. This twist is one of them. It takes only a couple of minutes to do and gets those eye-skimming bangs out of your face.

7. Slicked Back Hair

Slicked-Back Hair Looks That Are Chic

With a decent strong hold gel, this hairstyle works even on the shortest bangs. If you want extra assurance they won’t pop back up, you can always add a bobby pin over your fringe.

8. Bumper Bangs

Vintage lovers, this is the hairstyle for you. If you want a more prominent bump, add more front sections of your hair to it. Finishing it with a scarf is optional.

9. Overlapping Pieces Bangs

Crisscross Bangs

When your bangs are getting on the longer side, you can try overlapping sections of your hair when you brush them back off your face. You can still wear it after your bangs are completely grown out.

10. Soft Bump

How pretty is this? It can be tempting to spray and gel your hair like crazy, but the relaxed vibe of this style is what makes it so charming.

11. Curly Bangs

Chic Pixie Haircuts

Curled bangs are a bit retro. You can see they work well on short hair, but they would work just as well if you have longer locks. For long-haired girls, try putting your hair up into a chignon and then curling your bangs.

12. Curled Bump

Curled Bump

This is a victory roll meets bump. Instead of twisting your hair into a bump, twist your bangs loosely back on themselves.

13. Half-Up Hairstyles

This is proof you aren’t restricted to one hairstyle when you’re praying for your bangs to grow. Make those new semi-layers work in your favor.

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