Glitter-decorated regrowth is the latest (and somewhat unusual) hair trend. Perfect to cover up your roots, it is especially fun for the Holiday season, where everything sparkles with glitter. Here are 5 video tutorials to try the look (and one for the boys too).

It all began on Instagram, where popular accounts were filled with snaps of hair sprinkled with sparkling glitter. Many looks were in keeping with the 90s revival we have been living, and were also very popular with celebrities.

This original trend is perfect for the festive period for original and Christmassy hairstyles. The most interesting results are when the glitter is paired with buns and pastel hair color. But whether you have pink hair or a problem with roots (there’s hardly any time to get a retouch in this period), here are 5 tutorials to achieve glitter hair.

Just a slim line of glitter: chic effect

Do you want to wear the trend, but in a light way? Don’t worry. Some opted for a less eye-catching look and chose to add a subtle line of glitter. There is a simple solution for you. Just take some twine, twist it, and put glitter on it, then use some hair glue to apply it.

Pastel hair, buns, and tones of glitter: strong effect

This is the true extreme trend: pastel hair with dark roots. Make two buns and put the mix of gel and glitter on the roots and any other hair section you might fancy.

The glitter beard

Maybe not the perfect beard grooming style for the office, but for the experimental beard wearer (or the die-hard hipster), this is a really fun way to embrace the Christmas spirit!

Another way to get glitter beard

If you have short to medium-length facial hair, here’s one way to achieve a makeup glitter beard.

The glam moonshine effect

If you are not super young or super daring but still fancy a festive hairdo and embrace the glitter trend, this eye-catching hairdo with moonshine glitter gel is for you.

Where can I find glitter?

So you want to try this hair trend but do not have glitter? It is not so difficult to get some; you can find, for example, pure glitter like the one by Makeup Forever, perfect for hair and body, at Sephora.

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