These tips, tricks, and hacks make dyeing your hair at home look as good as the professionals at the hair salon.

How Do You Color Your Hair At Home

When you’re dyeing your hair, there is always the fear of the unknown. You’re never 100% sure what your hair is going to look like, whether you’re doing it yourself or getting it done by a highly-qualified professional. If you decide to skip the expensive salon visit to get your hair colored and take matters into your own hands, how do you ensure it turns out okay? Do you have a specific technique? Is there a certain brand of dye you always use? Do you get a friend to do the back of your head?

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I’m a DIY hair color novice. I’ve dyed my hair at home twice using permanent colors and have played around with temporary hair colors a lot. So, if there are any hair dye pros out there, I’m interested in your advice.

I think one of the important things is selecting the right color. If you pick the wrong one, then your application doesn’t matter. To play it safe, I stick with a few shades lighter/darker than my natural hair color, and I avoid bleaching my hair. I’m also leery about black hair dye since some colors can look like they’ve been spray-painted on.

As for technique, I follow the instructions about what kind of application I should use. If it gives me an applicator bottle to use, I’m going to use it. Sometimes I’ll use a brush to do around my hairline to make sure I got all of the little baby hairs. I also put a layer of Vaseline around my hairline. The most important thing is that I always do a patch and strand test beforehand. If I don’t like the color, then I’m very glad I didn’t put it on my entire head.

Tell us in the comments how you make your DIY hair color look salon good.

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