We are sure that you have heard of a French braid and a fishtail braid. But have you ever heard of a fishtail French braid? Maybe you have, maybe you have not, but here we go. We are going to take you through the process of combining French and fishtails so that you feel that you are on top of the fashions and you look it too. If you know the basics of French plaiting and that of fishtail, then you will find it easier to combine the two, but it will still require some practice. But that is true of any braid, like the different styles of the waterfall braid. If you are still in the woods about what each type of braid means, then here we go a little information about each. Then you can surely be updated on the perfect braided hairstyles to try this year.

A French braid consists of braiding the hair in the middle of the front of your head by making three parts of the hair. Then as you braid once, you start adding some strands of hair is added to each side as the braid proceeds. This process is continued till all the strands of hair are gathered and braided. Once all the hair is braided into the French plait, you can simply braid the rest of the hair into a simple plait. This braid looks very stylish and elegant, whether done neatly or even in a clumsy way. Each has its own charm.  

A fishtail braid is slightly simpler and entails dividing the hair into two parts. Then strands from each section from the outer section are plaited. The process goes on till one reaches two inches above the end of the hair and is tied with an attractive tie or clip. This simple but exquisite look is easy to do but looks as if you have gone to great efforts to do it. There are many cute fishtailed hairstyles for long and short hair that you can try to good effect.

Now coming to the French fishtail braid, here are some things that you should keep in mind. First of all, the results of the plait or braid would look better if the hair is not freshly washed. It is better to proceed with hair that is washed the day before. It is always a good idea to have a good comb at hand before you start plaiting. Ensure that your hair is combed and is free of tangles before you get started. Another point to remember is that this hairstyle comes to life on its own if your hair is moderately streaked, but if it is not, you can still go ahead and do it anyway. You can go as loose and casual you want to for informal occasions and tight and sleek for formal occasions. 

Here is the process for the fishtail French braid: 

Part your hair on the side. You have to make it an extreme side part as one part of the hair should be thicker and heavier than the other. 

Then you need to divide the hair into two parts (remember the fishtail braid).

Take a bit of hair from the right side and cross it onto the top and add it to the opposite section. Do this with the other side by bringing a strand over the top to the right side. 

Now comes the French plait bit, where you add a bit of hair extra from the remaining hair to the strand after you cross it over. Then do that with the other section of the hair. This will help in creating the French braid effect. 

But remember, you are only working with two sections of hair like you would for a fishtail braid. 

At the same time, you are creating the complicated look of the French braid by adding to the strands you are plaiting from both sides. 

Once you have reached the top of the ear, you can start pulling hair from the other side of the head by spreading it around the back and keep adding it to the plait as you go on. 

The process needs to be repeated till all the hair from the top and sides is included in the braid. Once you reach the end, finish the rest of the plait in fishtail braid style. 

Ensure that you leave some hair loose at the end before using a tie to close the plait. Then gently pull out the hair from the fishtail plait to make it look looser.

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