10 Tips And Tricks For Cutting Your Own Hair Without Messing It Up

Cutting one’s own hair is a risky proposition, but there are many reasons a person might want to try it. Maybe you just moved to a new city, don’t speak the language, and haven’t been able to find anyone to recommend a salon. Maybe you’re getting shaggy and just don’t want to pay for a haircut right now. Maybe you’re just really bored and have some hair scissors handy. Or maybe you want to be able to show up at the bar with an edgy, asymmetrical haircut and say, “I did it myself!” Any of those are perfectly valid reasons to try cutting your own hair.

Sure, you might fuck it up. But hair grows. It’s not like giving yourself a bad tattoo. Here are 10 tutorials on how to cut your own hair that will help you get the look you’re going for.

1. Cut your own split ends

How To Cut Your Own Hair: Cut your own split ends

If you’re cutting your own hair because it’s just been too long, this might get you a few more weeks.

2. Ponytail haircut hack

DIY haircuts to try: Ponytail haircut hack

This looks scary, but also very easy. It is designed to leave you with long layers. On the plus side, it will leave enough hair behind that if you don’t like the results, you can almost certainly find a pro able to fix it.

3. Cutting your own hair

How to cut your own hair

This is an easy way to give yourself a basic trim between visits to the salon.

4. How to trim your own layers

And here’s video proof that you can cut your own hair without destroying everything. Her end results actually look very nice.

5. Get a friend

Cutting Hair with Lightning Speed

Just invite a friend over and have a hair-cutting slumber party. (Do not break out the cocktails until after the cutting is done.)

6. DIY 5-minute haircut

In just five minutes, you can look just like this lady.

7. Cut your own hair with layers and bangs

This lady shows how to do a long, layered style with bangs and everything.

8. How to cut your own hair if you have curls

This lady looks so pretty I would never have imagined she had a DIY haircut.

9. How to cut your own curly hair

I love how much this blogger reminds me of Ally Sheedy.

10. How to cut your own bangs

These came out adorably.

(Photos: Shutterstock, Pinterest)

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