There are lots of ways to curl your hair including curling irons and rollers. These beauty tips will help you curl your hair.

How Do You Curl Your Hair?
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There are about 3,288 ways to style your hair, and a lot of those involve the different ways you can curl your hair. You can use heat styling tools, like a curling iron or tongs, and try not to burn your fingers. There are a bunch of different types of rollers you can use, or you could even try pin curls. Perhaps you have naturally curly hair, so you don’t have to do anything except for adding a bit of product. How do you usually curl your hair? Do you use one specific method, or do you like to switch things up? Or do you like to try a combination of things?

My version of curly hair is when I want to play up the waves and texture in my hair. It’s normally on a warm day when I’m letting my hair air dry, and I notice a bit of curl forming, so I enhance it with a bit of product and a scrunch or two. Occasionally, I’ll use a 1-inch barrel curling iron and curl a few random spots, but normally I brush the curls out–they’re more waves than curls if we’re going to get technical. Generally, I stay away from actual tools, but I am intrigued by the results people get with rollers and pins, so maybe I will be inspired to give one of those methods a shot.

Tell us in the comments how you curl your hair and any tips and tricks you’ve discovered.

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