How to Choose the Best Haircut

Are you looking to change things up? Is your current haircut holding you back?

Although the decision to get a haircut can be a bit intimidating at first, deciding to do so can completely change your life. Whether planning a big presentation at work or a big event, having a haircut that covers your imperfections and makes you look your best can help you feel more confident.

If you’re looking for a new haircut, check out our advice below on choosing the best cut. You’ll learn which features to focus on and what questions to ask.

Consider Your Face Shape

For the best haircut, it is essential to know your facial features and the shape of your face. Haircuts that complement your face shape can be determined using a few rules of thumb.

For example, if your face is round, look to lengthen and slim your face with longer lengths that frame the face and a side part. If you have an oval face shape, most hairstyles and lengths are great; however, stay away from bangs, as they can throw off the balance of the facial shape.

If your face is square, try soft layers that drape the face and soften angular jaw lines. Lastly, if you have a heart-shaped face, the best haircuts are short to medium curl or shaggy with layered bangs or tall swirls. 

Think About Your Hair Texture

Thinking about your hair texture is essential when considering what haircut is best for you. Depending on the texture of your hair, certain haircuts can look incredible or end up being an eyesore. For example, if you have thicker and coarser hair, going for an extended, more layered cut will enhance the texture and give you the most flattering look.

On the other hand, if you have fine and thin hair, a short-cut style with minimal layers is ideal. Such a style will help add body, increase the fullness and make the cut look more polished and smooth. And, if you need help adding more texture to your hair, try this hair volumizing iron

Consider Your Lifestyle to Have the Best Cut

Do you work in an office, a warehouse, a professional environment, or a more casual place? Appropriateness of length, texture, and styling can vary from workplace to workplace.

You may opt for a tailored, polished cut if you’re a professional. Meanwhile, you might opt for a messy, low-maintenance style for a more casual environment.

If you have an active lifestyle, look for shorter cuts that won’t be much trouble on busy days. Consider updos for easier workouts and other activities if you have long hair. 

Find that Perfect Hair Cut!

Choosing the right haircut is essential to achieving the look you want. Whether you go to a stylist or try something new at home, think of your face’s shape, your hair’s texture, and your lifestyle. However, remember that the best haircut is one in which you feel comfortable and confident.

Don’t be afraid to consult with a qualified hair stylist as well. What are you waiting for? Take the plunge and choose your new look today!

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