Want to participate in the pastel or dip-dyed trend but can’t sport colored locks in the office? Get colored hair without the commitment of hair chalk. The color washes out with shampoo, so rock it one night and go back to your natural color before the next morning’s meetings.

Start this colorful look by rubbing the chalk down your locks, coating both sides of your hair. Most hair chalks work best if you have lighter hair, but some brands claim to color dark hair, too, so do your research before buying chalk. Get creative; you can color your whole head, just the bottom, or random sections. Be messy and have fun!

To chalk your hair, you can follow these general steps:

  1. Materials needed:
    • Chalk Pastels (sold at art supply stores)
    • Spray bottle
    • Towel to go over your shoulders
    • Rubber gloves (optional)
    • Flat or curling iron
  2. Application:
    • Wet the strand of hair you want to chalk.
    • Starting at the top of the strand, gently rub the chalk pastel over the wet strand. You may need to rub the color on the hair a few times to achieve the desired color.
    • Let your hair air dry and then heat set with a flat or curling iron. The colors will pop once your hair is dry.
    • Shake off the excess pigment and you are all set!
    • When you are ready to remove the color, simply wash with shampoo. It may stain the hair slightly if you have lighter hair, but it will fade quickly with repeated washes.

It’s important to note that chalk can dry out hair by absorbing oils and other moisture from it, but as long as you care for your hair properly afterwards, there should be no permanent damage. Chalk usually only stays in for about one and a half days, but it depends on the type of chalk used.

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