Blow-drying your hair can provide you with that perfect hairdo. However, you can achieve that look only when you blow dry your hair in the right way and with the right blow dryer. Check out the available top-quality hair dryers at

The problem is that most people make common mistakes while blow drying. We will today share with you seven such mistakes so that you can avoid them and get the right hairstyle.

1. Don’t move the hair dryer upwards

It is not a good idea to move the hair Dryer from the down direction towards the upper one. A better approach is to start at your hair’s root and move the hair dryer downwards.

When you use the air Dryer in an upwards fashion, chances are you might dry your hair excessively. Doing so once or twice will affect the look and feel of the hair. However, if you use the upwards motion consistently, it can damage your hair.

This damage is difficult to reverse. Rather than taking this risk, a better approach is to start at the root of your hair and thereby move towards the end holding the hair Dryer downwards and moving in that direction.

This will not only prevent over-drying but also provide long-lasting volume.

2. Don’t apply heavy products

One of the reasons you blow dry your hair is to get proper volume and make hair look healthier. However, the outcome is the opposite if you use any heavy products on your hair before or during blow drying.

The same is true because heavier products will weigh down your hair. Rather than creating an illusion of volume, such products will make the hair look flat.

Also, heavy products often have higher oil content, making your hair look greasy. In that case, you will not get that voluminous look even after blow-drying your hair.

If you use heavy products, even with the correct blow drying technique, you can’t get the perfect hairstyle.

3. Don’t blow dry wet hair

Blow drying completely wet hair can damage your hair. It can result in dullness as well as frizz. Also, the chances of suffering from heat damage are high when you’re blow-drying completely wet hair.

Not only that, if you truly want to get that voluminous look, you need to blow dry damp hair rather than dripping wet hair.

Another problem with blow drying dripping wet hair is that once it becomes dull, you will have to use additional hair products to eliminate the dullness and frizz.

That can certainly make attaining the right hairstyle more complicated and cumbersome. Wait till the hair is damp and after that blow dry your hair.

4. Don’t keep the hair dryer in one spot

can you do a blowout on dry hair

The correct way to blow dry your hair is to move it over all your hair. Keeping it in one spot is not a good idea for a few reasons we will cover below.

Even distribution of heat:

To properly blow dry your hair, you need an even heat distribution. That is only possible when you are moving the hairdryer around. Otherwise, a particular patch of your hair will be too dry, whereas the rest of the hair will be moist.

Uniform appearance:

When you’re blow drying your hair, the goal is to get a voluminous look. That is only possible when there is equal moisture all over your hair. Only when you move the hairdryer uniformly, can you achieve that.

No damage:

Focusing the hairdryer on only a particular patch of hair will make it excessively dry. If you do so repeatedly, it can also result in hair damage. The hair will start thinning in that patch, and also hair fall might increase.

Thus, to ensure you get the right look and do not damage your hair, you should always move the hairdryer around.

5. Never dry with a flat hair iron

A flat hair iron is for flattening your hair, not drying it. Many women think that since they can dry their hair and flatten it with the help of such iron, they should do so.

The problem with flattening iron is that it eliminates all the moisture from your hair. On the other hand, blow drying will decrease the moisture in your hair gradually.

That is why, if you do not use the flat iron right, it can actually end up drying your hair and eliminating all the moisture. That is certainly going to damage your hair.

On the other hand, when you use a blow dryer, your hair will still have some moisture. That is why the flatiron shouldn’t be used as a substitute for a blow dryer.

6. Know when to use the diffuser attachment

The chances of frizzy hair are pretty high when using the hairdryer. That is because if you do not do it right, the hair will be excessively dry, resulting in frizz.

This will hamper the natural wave pattern of your hair. It also means that you are unlikely to get the hairstyle you want.

If you often suffer from this problem, using a hair diffuser attachment is a good idea. However, only when you experience frizz after blow drying should you use the diffuser attachment. Using a hair diffuser attachment unnecessarily can result in more problems.

7. Don’t keep the hair dryer too close

The hairdryer should ideally be at least 6 inches away from your hair. At the highest setting, it should be further away. Any closer than that, and the chances of burning your hair or scalp is pretty high.

Once the hair cuticle is damaged, it is tough to recover it. It will usually lead to the thinning of hair and eventually hair fall.

Thus, if you’re keeping the hairdryer too close to the scalp or root, you are damaging your hair at a pretty fast pace. This is another mistake you need to avoid.

If you want to get the right look with the help of blow drying, these are the seven mistakes you need to strictly avoid. These mistakes will not only hamper your look but also damage your hair. Eliminating these mistakes will also help you attain the right look.

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