Why is your hair never as good at home as at the salon? What magic potion does your stylist have that you don’t? There you come out frizz-free and the picture of perfection. At home, strays fly everywhere, or it all falls flat. Is there a way to get a similar look in the comfort of your bathroom?

Remember, you’re not an expert. Your hairstylist took classes and practiced to become so skilled. You need time, information, and sessions. If you’re ready to learn the craft, consider the following tips to get salon-quality hair any day you want.

How To Achieve Salon Quality Hair at Home

Evaluate What You Eat

Bear in mind that what you eat can impact how well your hair looks. WebMD recommends fitting certain foods into your meals to increase luster and strength. The group emphasizes the importance of protein, fatty acids, and vitamin B in supporting your hair’s appearance.

What then should you put on your plate? The site discusses the importance of soy, flax, and fish foods. In addition, grab a scoop of brussel sprouts or broccoli and enjoy a banana for a snack. If you’re allergic to fish and soy (or don’t like the taste), consider supporting your body with omega 3 supplements.

Know the Limits

If you’re trying to layer on the products and use the heating tools every day, you could be overdoing it. Yes, the curls are super cute, but some days you probably could enjoy a refined look or a ponytail. Making those choices could help with your other days.

The excessive heat could hurt your hair, damaging the follicles. The result isn’t glamorous but dry, brittle strands. Good Housekeeping recommends using steam if you want to style more often or relying on a product that safeguards the hair from heat.

Use Reliable Products

Talk to your stylist about what you use on your hair at home and nagging problems. Ask for suggestions on how to stock up on the right products that encourage silky, moisturized hair.  Do you need a hair mask? Are you failing to condition correctly? Perhaps you require a high-quality shampoo.

Review what your stylist uses at the shop and consider splurging for the same selection, gaining some consistency in care. Furthermore, ask about how to use them correctly, considering application and frequency.

Understand the Tools

Blow drying is easy. Right? You pick it up, turn it on and dry that hair. Like any other hair tool, this process has a correct and an incorrect way. Self.com recommends several techniques for getting your blow-dry just right, such as buying a good-quality device and using it correctly. In addition, be sure to dry the hair with a towel before reaching for your dryer. Why? Less heat is better since the intensity dries hair out and increases fray. Finally, stay organized, working with hair segments, not all at once. Focus on the front more because it gets more attention and focus.

Ask Your Stylist for Tips and Demonstrations

Loose curls are all the rage again, creating a fun and playful look. However, not everyone can capture that style with ease. It’s downright brutal to get it sometimes. Explain to your stylist that you struggle to recreate the fashion at home. Don’t let the professional do it to you. Ask for clarification on how it’s done. Observe how the tool is held and how long it is in the hair.

Are you still struggling? Get online and search for some articles or how-to videos. Many bloggers focus on hair and have worked hard to produce demonstrations of style techniques.

If you want to have locks that look great on more than a salon day, invest in learning about hair health. Discuss the type of products you currently use, how often you use heating products and whether you should change your habits. Practice styles at home and learn to give your strands a rest of the heating tools. Be patient. Hair is an art form that requires time and patience.

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