what happens when you stop using heat on your hair
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Doing your hair can be fun, confidence-boosting, and even therapeutic! It can also be a boring waste of time. I’ve had days when my curling iron felt like my best friend, and I’ve had days when the idea of using a straightener was comparable to the idea of running six miles in heels. If you ever find yourself stuck in the middle of one of those latter days, refer to this list of 10 Totally Valid Reasons To Not Use Heat Styling Tools Today. Here we go!

1. It’s so time-consuming.

“Oh, I’ll just untangle this wet hair, put a product in it, blow it dry for 20 minutes, put more product in it, wait for a straightener to heat up, run it through my hair in one-inch sections, do that again, and put more product in it.” Um, nope.

2. Your hair deserves a break.

They always say that there’s no faster way to damage your hair than to get addicted to heat. Having damaged hair will put you in a bad mood. Being in a bad mood will make you a miserable person to be around. In conclusion, you’re doing a service to all of humanity by skipping the curling iron today. That lazy ponytail should earn you a Nobel Prize if we’re being real.

3. Your arms deserve a break.

Have you ever tried to hold a blowdryer at the perfect angle above your head in the morning after a hard workout? It’s like medieval torture. There’s no point in doing that to yourself.

4. Sleep. Sleep is an amazing thing.

The fifteen minutes it takes to straighten your hair? That could have been fifteen minutes in your beautiful bed. Your warm, cuddly, fluffy bed. It’s not a hard choice.

5. Food. Food is another amazing thing.

When you see a woman with perfect beachy waves (the kind that can’t possibly occur in nature), you know she replaced breakfast with a curling iron this morning. Time spent sculpting your hair is the time taken away from English muffins.

6. Plenty of cute styles can be accomplished without heat.

Trust me. We’ve even posted video tutorials that prove it. Like, look at this.

7. No one will even notice.

We all know that our beauty routines are something we do for ourselves first (and to impress other women second), but sometimes it still helps to remind yourself that nobody else cares what your hair looks like. Most jobs only ask that you look relatively clean and presentable, and if you’re a student or a freelancer or taking some time off, even fewer people will give a crap about the state of your hair.

8. Lots of things matter more.

When you waste a big chunk of your day in front of the bathroom mirror, you’re taking time away from other important pursuits. Have you decided where you stand on the new Taylor Swift vs. Katy Perry feud? Have you looked up YouTube videos of kids’ commercials from the late 90s? Skip the hairspray and move on to something that matters for once.

9. Cats don’t use heat styling tools.

Are you saying you’re better than cats? Do you think people care more about your hair than they care about cats? There are Vines with millions of loops that beg to differ. In fact, it might be a good idea to not do anything today that a cat wouldn’t do.

10. Styling your hair is supposed to be fun.

If it isn’t fun today, don’t do it. Simple as that.

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