Can’t decide on one hair dye? Half-and-half hair color is the latest trend where you dye your hair in two different shades.

Forget ombre, sombre, and the other fifty different versions. If you want a bold hair color, look no further than half-and-half hair. We’re not talking dip dye. We’re talking split, Cruella de Vil-style hair. You’ve probably noticed two-tone hair appearing more and more on Instagram and Tumblr recently. It’s perfect if you can’t decide what color you want to dye your hair. The only tricky part is figuring out what color you want your eyebrows to be. To get the look, you can pick up two different bottles of hair dye at random, or you can take a look at these split hair colors for inspiration.

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Here are 17 half-and-half hair colors that show two hues are better than one:

1. Purple And Teal

17 Half-And-Half Hair Colors That Prove Two Hues Are Better Than One

This is bold and beautiful. In addition to the two-tone locks, who wouldn’t want hair this voluminous? Kate Middleton would be jealous.

2. Blue And Green

Half-And-Half Hair Colors: Blue And Green Hair

If you want green hair but don’t want to look like you’re the female version of Jared Leto‘s Joker, add some blue to the look and resist the urge to cover yourself with “HAHA” tattoos.

3. Black And Red

Black And Red Hair

There is a split hair color for everyone, whether you want a softer look, candy-inspired shades, or something more edgy. Red and black is a tried-and-true classic. But you don’t use cantu products if you want proper results.

4. Brown And Blonde

Brown And Blonde

There are lots of crazy hair color options, but if you want something slightly more natural, this blonde and brunette dye job work well. It’s less stark than proper Cruella de Vil hair.

5. Purple And Pink

Purple And Pink

Pink and purple are two of the most popular rainbow hair colors, so if you can’t decide whether to go for bubblegum or lilac locks, you might as well choose both.

6. Red And Orange

Red And Orange Hair

You can go for a more natural red and orange look, or you can amp up the intensity for a vibrant finish. Just be prepared for the Catching Fire jokes.

7. Pale Pink And Fuchsia

Pale Pink And Fuchsia

You don’t need to choose two colors on opposite sides of the color wheel. Try picking two different shades of your favorite color. Just make sure they’re distinct, so it doesn’t look like a hair color mishap.

8. White Blonde And Black

White Blonde And Black Half-And-Half Hair Colors

This is how you do Cruella de Vil hair in real life. You can wear red lipstick but promise you will be nicer to the doggies.

9. Half Black Half Green Hair

Black And Green

This is a good idea if, for whatever reason, you only feel like dying half of your head. With half-black and half-green hair, you can keep your natural color, and you only have to worry about half the touch-ups.

10. Soft Pink And Mint

Soft Pink And Mint

If you have tried every pastel hair color from periwinkle to dove gray to dusty pink and don’t know what to do next, why not combine two of your favorites? If you’re worried about damaging your hair, you can always get a half-and-half-colored wig.

While the soft pink and mint hairstyle looks amazing in photos, it’s quite difficult to pull off, according to hair experts. Some of these photos are photoshopped to make them seem lighter than they actually are, and if your hair isn’t naturally blonde, the results can differ massively. To achieve the best results and prevent hair damage, it’s important to use the best hair treatment that suits your hair type and color.

11. Purple And Black

Purple And Black

If you have thick bangs and decide to get split hair color, you have to commit to constantly checking your mane in the mirror to make sure that your fringe looks this flawless.

12. Blonde And Red

Half-And-Half Hair Colors That Prove Two Hues Are Better Than One: Blonde And Red

If you can call half-and-half hair subtle, this is a more subtle option than some of the neon styles. It also shows the color works just as well on short hair as on long mermaid locks.

13. Purple And Pastel Pink

Purple And Pastel Pink

How cute is this? If you love pastel hair but want to take yours to the next level, this would be one way to do it. Bonus points if you coordinate your outfit and nail polish with your hair. This is a very cool hairstyle to wear on a long road trip in a luxury car hire, especially if you like to surprise people, they will be delighted!

14. Turquoise And Purple

Turquoise And Purple

Let’s just take a minute to admire these so-bright-they-definitely-glow-under-black-light colors—extra credit for the cotton candy pink pieces on the purple side.

15. Burgundy And Deep Green

Burgundy And Deep Green

If you dye your hair red and green, it can easily look like you’re celebrating Christmas 12 months of the year. However, the dark tones of this half-and-half hair color prevent it from looking “Bring us some figgy pudding” festive.

16. Red-Orange And Purple

Red-Orange And Purple

As this list shows, pretty much any color combination works. You don’t need to concern yourself too much with color theory and contrasting colors.

17. Blonde And Pale Blue

17 Half-And-Half Hair Colors That Prove Two Hues Are Better Than One: Blonde And Pale

This is one part natural, one part ice queen, and very cool. (Pun intended.) Just imagine what this would look like twisted around in a top knot.

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