Crimped hair is making a grand comeback! Discover the charm of crimped hairstyles and how to achieve them with ease. Right now, the crimped hair trend is making a reappearance on the runways!

Hair crimping creates zigzag waves using a crimping iron, but there are various ways to crimp your hair with a flat iron, which is especially useful for natural hair to avoid damage.

This crimped haircut from the 1980s and 1990s adds volume and texture to straight hair while remaining feminine and calm. Crimping is the edgiest and most fashionable of all the contemporary procedures for achieving attractive textured hair.

Crimped hair brings back memories of our awkward tween years for many of us. These new looks, on the other hand, show that crimped hair can be sensual, trendy, and even fashionable. Continue reading to learn how the crimp can transform your look and give it a fun, flirty twist.

Benefits of Crimping

  • Adds texture
  • Provides volume
  • Offers a trendy look

How to Crimp Your Hair

  1. Preparation: Wash and dry your hair.
  2. Sectioning: Divide your hair into sections.
  3. Crimping: Using a crimping iron, crimp each section.

Crimping Hair using a Crimper

Take notice that straightened hair makes the nicest crimps, so use it to get the most out of this incredibly fashionable hairdo. When using a crimping iron, always use heat protectants.

Check out these crimped hair ideas before your next hair appointment!

Crimping Techniques for Black Hair

Crimping Techniques for Black Hair
(Image courtesy: Instagram)

After a week, this specific crimp style will fall into body waves, and you won’t have to do much with it until your next touch-up.

It’s an old favorite since many ladies recall having their hair crimped when they were younger. It’s lighthearted but flirtatious, and girls can wear crimps.

Keep your crimped strands frizz-free and away from textiles like cotton while relaxing or sleeping since they can dry out and cause shedding or tangling.

For soft and manageable tresses, use a satin bonnet or pillowcase with lightweight silk or argan oil.

All hair colors, from golden blonde to deep dark brown and black, look great with crimped hair. If you have short, fine, or Afro-textured hair and wish to avoid chemical straightening, you may need to use a wig or clip-in hair extensions to get magnificent crimped “mermaid hair.” While pre-crimped extensions and wigs are available, straight real-hair options can be heat-styled to tailor the look to your face shape.

Trendy Crimped Hairstyles

1. Classic Crimp

Classic Crimp Hairstyle

The classic crimp is the quintessential zig-zag look straight from the 1980s and 90s. To get this nostalgic style, start by applying a heat protectant spray. Then use a crimping iron to make tight waves starting close to the crown of your head and working down in sections. Focus on getting defined zig-zag patterns. Avoid crimping near the scalp to add lift at the roots. Finish with strong-hold hairspray.

The classic crimp pairs best with straight, thick hair. Those with oval or heart-shaped faces can pull it off best. Get inspiration from celebs like Sarah Jessica Parker and Gwen Stefani who rocked classic crimps back in the day.

2. Crimped Ponytail

How to Wear a Crimped Ponytail

Ponytails get a fun makeover with crimped texture. Only crimp the hair you’ll gather into the ponytail, leaving pieces framing the face sleek. For a trendy look, opt for a high or side pony. If your hair is too short for a ponytail, add in a crimped hair extension piece.

Secure with a trendy scrunchie or hair tie that complements the style. Spritz some texture spray on the crimped ponytail to boost volume. This style works with all hair types and lengths. For an evening out, sweep sides back loosely and let the crimped ponytail make a statement.

3. Crimped Updo

Trendy And Chic Crimped Hair Ideas

For a formal event or wedding, sweep crimped hair into an elegant updo like a braided bun or chignon. Softly curl the face-framing sections and gather hair into a loose low bun, accenting with pearls or floral pins. Or try a messy fishtail braid that leads into a crimped chignon at the nape of the neck.

Crimped updos pair perfectly with off-the-shoulder or strapless necklines for a romantic aesthetic. Use firm-hold hairspray to keep styles intact. Have fun playing with different parts and the amount of height at the crown. An updo shows off crimped texture beautifully.

4. Hair that is Loose and Crimped

Hair that is Loose and Crimped

The loose crimped hairstyle is a modern take on the traditional crimped haircut with looser curls. Begin by splitting your hair into little horizontal parts with your hair crimper to achieve this appearance. Create an s-wave pattern by working down the shaft of the hair and pressing it. Between each press, pause for 3-5 seconds. Remember to use a heat protectant spray like Chi’s Enviro 54 to ensure a longer-lasting grip.

5. Red Hair with Crimps

Red Hair with Crimps
(Photo Credit: Instagram via

Long red hair is already a bold choice for your hair, and crimping it will make it even more so! While loose waves and curls are attractive and feminine, crimping gives your hair a more distinctive and off-beat style. It will make your hair stand out even more because it looks unnatural. Long-crimped red hair is a great choice for fashion-forward women who want to make a statement and express themselves through their style.

6. A Crimped Bob Haircut

A Crimped Bob Haircut

For ladies of all ages, a crimped bob is a highly popular haircut. Keep in mind that long layers are better when asking for a crimped bob. To avoid heat damage and keep the crimp all day, use Living Proof Perfect Hair Day spray.

One of the most iconic and enduring haircuts is the bob. While it’s stylish and low-maintenance, a bob’s shorter length limits its style possibilities. Crimping, on the other hand, is a great technique to give personality and flair to short hair because it takes up less length than curling or waves. Make a statement with a focal crimp section and tease the rest of your hair, or go for an all-over crimped effect.

7. Hair with a Side Swept Crimp

Side Swept Crimp Hair
Credits: Pinterest

Asymmetric and side-swept hairstyles were huge 35 years ago, thanks to celebrities like Madonna and Brooke Shields, who popularized them. By sweeping your kinky style to the side, you may channel the nostalgic vibes of crimped hair from the 1980s. Brush out some areas and add wide and thin crimps as well as S-waves to contribute to the wild and party-ready vibe, then use a volumizing mousse to give height and body.

8. Bob Haircut with Green Crimped Hair

Bob Haircut with Green Crimped Hair
(Photo Credit: Pinterest)

A green crimped bob haircut will give you the on-trend e-girl look. This haircut is charming and playful while also being eccentric and futuristic. To add volume and to the youthful and off-beat mood of this style, a choppy texture and blunt bangs are required. Then, rather than crimping all over, crimp random bits and pieces. If you’re concerned about the effects of bleach, green dye, and heat styling on your hair, check out the look with a high-quality wig.

9. Crimped Hair in the 1990s

Crimped Hair in the 1990s

Hit me, darling, one more time, 90s Crimped Hair. This look is created with a good old-fashioned hair crimper, which you can use to plump up your hair with a body at the roots or to add a few accent pieces around the hairline. Heat protection spray with a firm hold, such as “Chi Enviro 54*” in Firm Hold, can help support full-on crimped hair.

10. Waves of Crimped Hair

Crimped Hair Waves

Adding crimped hair waves to your overall style produces a striking effect. Request a body wave perm or use a curling wand to produce messy curls to imitate this look. Purchase a wave that is tailored to your facial features and skin tone for the greatest potential results.

Crimped hair waves, often known as mermaid waves, are a lovely summer hairstyle option. These crimped waves are sultry, feminine, and flattering on all face types, giving you beachy feelings with a polished finish. To achieve a more defined S-shape, use a broad crimper or a three-barrel waver. Finally, use a medium-hold glossy hairspray to keep everything in place.

11. Crimped Tribal Hairstyle

Crimped Tribal Hairstyle

Tribal hairstyles incorporate various twisting and braiding techniques to produce a distinctive look, making them ideal for a festival. Crimping, on the other hand, gives extra texture and eye-catching intrigue to any haircut, so why not combine crimped areas with your tribal-inspired hairdo to stand out? Next, use hair chalk or temporary spray-on paint to color your tresses in various pastel colors. As a finishing touch, wear boho jewelry and metallic make-up.

12. Curls with Crimps

Curls with Crimps

Create looser waves to add dimension to your crimp curls. Use a hair crimper or a three-barrel curling iron to achieve this effect. To make the style last longer, use a texturizing spray.

13. Crimped Hair as a Highlight

Crimped Hair as a Highlight

Want to give a crimped look a shot without going overboard? Make crimped hair a focal point of your look. This style crimps one portion of your hair to make it stand out, similar to how a feature nail manicure does. The key is to use contrast to make it look contemporary rather than retro. Try soft waves with a spritz of sea salt spray for texture instead of a stick-straight blowdry on your crimped hair.

14. Ponytail with Crimped Hair

Ponytail with Crimped Hair

A ponytail with a classic crimp is a beautiful method to embellish a traditional ponytail. It adds a layer of texture and volume to the look. Use a crimper to crimp the mid-half of your hair, then put it in a ponytail to achieve this look. The hair will be protected, and the style will last longer if you use a heat protectant.

A crimped ponytail is one of the most stylish ways to embrace the crimped hair trend. The ponytail area is crimped and teased out, while the front sections are incredibly sleek and smooth. While a low ponytail is a traditional aesthetic, a high ponytail can be customized to fit your face shape. Because it’s a pulled-back haircut, it’ll draw attention to a round face; therefore, it’s better for those with more angular features.

15. Lob with Half-up, Half-down Crimped Hair

Lob with Half-up, Half-down Crimped Hair

Crimping your lob haircut can give it a wonderfully charming twist. This design will give your hair extra volume and bounce while framing your face wonderfully, making it ideal for a casual date or brunch. Brush out the waves after crimping your hair with a wide-barrel waver for a relaxed, “undone” style. Then, tie the top section into a tiny ponytail or bun and add a lovely finishing touch with a velvet scrunchie or ribbon.

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16. Green Tips for Loosely Crimped Hair

Green Tips for Loosely Crimped Hair

The classic crimped hairdo gets a colorful makeover with loosely crimped hair with green accents. The illusion of extra volume, texture, and dimension is created by loosely crimping at the root or throughout the hair. Adding a touch of green to your crimped hair at the tips produces an effortlessly trendy look.

17. Adding Crimp Accents Throughout

Adding Crimp Accents Throughout

Crimp accents are a terrific way to alter your look if you have naturally straight hair. Hair with crimp accents has an edgy rock’n’roll vibe. The contrast between the kinky crimped bits and the straight areas is crucial to the look, similar to the feature crimped hair. It’s also a great alternative for girls with thick hair, as crimping all of your hair might take a long time.

18. Hair that is both Crimped and Straight

Hair that is both Crimped and Straight

Because there is no natural curl pattern to interrupt the waves and kinks, straight hair is great for crimping. Leave the top half flat and begin crimping right above your ears for a low-maintenance crimped effect on long straight hair. The result is a cool ‘waterfall’ look that is ideal for a relaxed gathering. Tease and back-comb the under portions if your hair is fine rather than thick to add volume.

19. Red and Black Hair that has been Crimped

Red and Black Hair that has been Crimped

Crimped red-and-black hair is a look that always sticks out, and adding crimping makes it much more so. When coupled with vibrant color, the crimped waves’ structure looks fantastic. Waves can also help to blend an ombre hairdo that is more severe. To keep your waves distinct, use hairspray with an extra stronghold.

20. Ombre Hair with Crimps

Ombre Hair with Crimps

A bold hue ought to be coupled with a style that is similarly bold! With defined crimped waves, you can take your ombré hair to the next level. The waves’ structure provides the color with a fluid look and aids in blending it into a seamless gradient. To achieve a face-flattering shape, begin crimping towards the crown of your head and style the waves at an angle. Try the style on shoulder-length or long hair to get the full effect.

21. Big Hair with a lot of Crimps

Big Hair with a lot of Crimps

Try huge crimped hair for the ultimate editorial-inspired, head-turning haircut. It’s all about volume, glamor, and attitude in this look inspired by the 1980s! As a result, it’s a great look for a red carpet-event, a retro party, or a night out on the town. Because the style necessitates a lot of hair, teasing, and heat styling, a wig or extensions are required to accomplish the look. Allow your hair to take center stage by wearing it with soft glam make-up and a slinky gown.

22. Medium-Length Crimped Locks

Medium-Length Crimped Locks

This crimped hairstyle is quite fashionable! Alexandra Herragne, a hairstylist from Paris, France, created this masterpiece.

A thermal product was applied initially, followed by a hairdryer, to create this hair crimping style. To achieve more hair crimps, use the crimped iron and serum.

This crimp hairdo is suitable for both day and night.

23. Long Hair Crimping

Long Hair Crimping

Crimping long hair takes time, but it’s well worth it!

After preparation with a heat protectant, a tiny hair crimper was utilized to create the look. The use of a hair crimper adds a lot of texture and volume to the hair.

A small crimper, a clip, and some bobby pins, if desired, are the only tools you’ll need. A professional heat protectant is the sole product you’ll need to crimp your hair.

Hairspray isn’t usually used on crimped hair because the iron creates a delicate texture.

The look will last a few days and can be worn for volume, texture, or the cool feeling that crimped hairstyles provide.

24. Crimping in the Style of the 1980s

Crimping in the Style of the 1980s

Crimping in the style of the 1980s for maximum texture and dimension. The tight zigzag crimps stack on top of one another to give the hair a thicker appearance. This crimped hairdo is a terrific method to add volume to your hair while also bringing back an 80s vibe.

25. Hair that is Crimped and Short

Hair that is Crimped and Short

This totally edgy crimped hairstyle with renowned purple and pinkish tones will infuse electricity into your short hair!

This crinkle hair is a true work of art, with layered sections and a delicate slant across the back.

Crimping is a versatile hair-styling method that works on all hair lengths, including long and short hair. So, even if their natural texture is wavy or curly, girls with a long pixie cut may rock their appearance. Crimp the little front parts and your bangs to show off the crimping and keep it from getting buried in the rest of your hair. You’ll also avoid your style looking flat by avoiding crimping near the crown of your head.

26. Weave with Crimps

Weave with Crimps

To achieve a silky, sparkling mermaid wave, use a crimped weave. With the new style of crimping irons, you won’t obtain so tight crimps, giving your hair more natural waves, as if it were naturally bestowed with this texture.

27. Crimped Zig Zags are Adorable

Crimped Zig Zags are Adorable

With the contrast of heavy texture, this hair crimp is calm, earthy, and natural.

Crimped hairstyles for women with fine hair or hair that is too soft to put up easily are recommended for optimum results.

A micro crimper iron provides a lot of structure and grit to the strands, making it simpler to shape and pin the hair up without it falling down.

It’s elegant because it’s mostly pulled back at the nape of the neck, but it’s also edgy because of the crimping. If zigzag braids aren’t your thing, crimp your hair and put it up in a bun or a lovely updo!

You will not have to worry about your crimped hair coming undone after applying a few bobby pins and spraying with hairspray, so this is excellent for even the busiest of ladies.

28. Braids are Crimped

Braids are Crimped

This crimper hair is vibrant, three-dimensional, natural, and even mystical. It’s Viking-inspired with a dash of glitz! It’s not the most popular crimping haircut, but it’s striking and can be worn by any woman with longer hair.

The nicest part is getting to mix hair tinsel, curled, and crimped hair, as well as five different braids, to create so much dimension and texture (fishtail, dutch fishtail, ponytail, DNA, bubble, and three-strand).

Have hair that hasn’t been washed in a couple of days. While attempting to achieve the hair crimps you desire, those hairstyles hold better and provide a better grip.

29. Crimped Hair in a Fishtail Braid

Crimped Hair in a Fishtail Braid

Any hairdo, even braids, can benefit from crimping. Crimping parts and sections of your fishtail braid will give it a new look. To emphasize the crimping, build a raised braid with the underhand technique and add clip-in hair extensions to give the hairstyle more body and volume. For a more edgy appearance, pair your crimped fishtail braid with black eye makeup, or add ribbons and flowers for a bohemian, feminine finish.

30. Bangs with Crimped

Bangs with Crimped

For hair nostalgia, this haircut screams crimps from the 1990s!

The nicest thing about this is the texture that the hair crimper adds to the hair, which makes it seem incredibly unique and bold.

Many eras are making a comeback in the hair business, and crimped hair is unmistakably here to stay.

31. Crimping Beach Waves

Crimping Beach Waves

Crimping beach waves is a great way to add glam and loose waves to long hair and make it look bigger. With the new crimping technique, the crimped hair of the 1980s is long gone. Crimpers have a looser wave, making them appear more natural. The waves also start higher up on the head than curling tongs, giving the hair more volume and width.

32. Crimping Techniques for Black Hair

Crimping Techniques for Black Hair

After a week, this specific crimp style will fall into body waves, and you won’t have to do much with it until your next touch-up.

It’s an old favorite since many ladies recall having their hair crimped when they were younger. It’s lighthearted but flirtatious, and girls can wear crimps.

Denise recommends keeping your crimped strands frizz-free and away from textiles like cotton while reclining or sleeping since they can dry and cause shedding or tangling.

For soft and manageable tresses, use a satin bonnet or pillowcase with lightweight silk or argan oil.


Is crimping your hair bad for it?

Because crimped hair often necessitates the use of heat tools, it’s critical to protect your hair with a protective spray. To avoid scorching your strands, don’t let the crimper, waver, or flat iron in contact with your hair for too long.

Is crimped hair from the 1980s or the 1990s?

Crimped hair first gained popularity in the 1980s and has become synonymous with that decade. Stars including Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, and Demi Moore wore the look back then. The pattern persisted until the 1990s, and it reappeared in the early 2000s.

Is crimped hair a thing in 2024?

Crimped hair made a comeback in 2024 as part of the ’90s and 2000s-inspired trends after being out of favor for decades. Gigi Hadid, Ariana Grande, and Beyoncé, to name a few, have all rocked the crimp, so you’re in excellent company if you want to try it.

What’s the best way to make my hair seem crimped?

Crimping your hair can be done in a variety of ways. The ’80s form of the haircut, with small, defined, and angular ‘Z’ waves, can be achieved with a crimping iron. Use a three-barrel waver or curling iron for a more modern “mermaid crimp” appearance. Another alternative is to braid your hair into tiny plaits and then flat-iron each part separately. When you unbraid your hair, the wavy pattern will stay in place, producing a crimped impression. Skip the flat-iron stage and leave the plaits in overnight if your hair is naturally curly.

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