Most people have a signature hairstyle they wear every day, whether it’s wash-and-wear or involves lots of styling tools.

How Do You Usually Style Your Hair?
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A lot of us have a go-to hairstyle for every day, just like we have a signature makeup look. There are those dedicated people who blow-dry and straighten their curly hair without fail, regardless of how tired they are. Others may prefer to throw their hair up into a ponytail or bun. Some lucky people have easy hairstyles where they can just roll out of bed, brush their teeth, and head out the door. So, how do you wear your hair on a typical day?

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I switch around my regular hairstyle depending on my mood or the season. In the summer heat, I usually wore my hair up to keep it off my sweaty neck. Now that it is cooler, I find I’ve been wearing my hair down more. (Probably to keep my ears warm.) My hair is wavy-ish, depending on how it is feeling, so after I wash my hair, I comb it out and then try to let it air dry as long as I can. Then I’ll blow dry it without using a brush, letting it do whatever it wants. Once it’s dry, I normally finish with hair oil. 

Tell us in the comments how you usually style your hair.

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