These are the haircuts that you should try at least once in your life. Don’t be afraid to switch up your hairstyle.

Classic Haircuts To Try

It seems like celebrities have a new hairstyle every time they post a new Instagram photo. Even if we had a personal hairstylist who jetted around the world with us, most of us still wouldn’t change our hair. Can you even remember the last time you cut your hair differently? Getting a trim doesn’t count. While you may not change your hair as frequently as celeb hair chameleons, you shouldn’t be afraid to switch your hairstyle every once and awhile. There are a few haircuts that you definitely need to try out at least once in your life. Who knows, one of them could become your new signature hairstyle.

Bring these to your next hair appointment. These are the 10 haircuts you need to try:

1. Super Long

Super Long Hairstyle
(Photo: Instagram/styledbyvienne).

Most people have an obsession with growing their hair–partly because it’s a good excuse to not go to the hairdressers every six weeks. You know you want to, so grow your hair long. To keep it from looking like a schoolgirl cut, you will need your hairstylist to add some shape and a few layers. Blake Lively’s glorious mane wouldn’t look quite as good if it wasn’t maintained.

2. Soft Layers

Super Long Hairstyle
(Photo: Instagram/brianaguilarhair).

Adding layers can be as daunting as cutting off all of your hair; however, adding a few well-placed layers can be as dramatic as chopping off a few inches. These soft layers add body to your hair and give you a sexy bedhead vibe. Taylor Swift’s bangs are optional, though recommended.

3. Blunt Bob

Blunt Bob Hair Cut
(Photo: Instagram/baldmothertucker).

A bob is one part Old Hollywood, two parts cool, with a pinch of flapper. It makes your hair look thicker, and it is easy to maintain. Plus, a bob makes everything you wear look a bit edgier.

4. Short And Sideswept

Short And Sideswept Haircuts

There are so many different short hairstyles, and you should give a few of them a try. We’ve seen how versatile Jennifer Lawrence’s short haircut with bangs is. Brush it back, add some gel, and create some messy layers; whatever your mood, there’s a different styling idea.

5. Tousled Mid-length

Tousled Mid-length Hairstyle

Mid-length hair used to have a reputation for being boring. It wasn’t long enough to be “sexy,” and it wasn’t short enough to be “edgy.” A shoulder-length style is actually the best of both worlds. It’s versatile but not high-maintenance. Furthermore, it’s a great shape to add layers or bangs…

6. Blunt Bangs

Blunt Bangs
(Image via Instagram).

Unleash your inner Zooey Deschanel and try blunt bangs. Getting your front layers cut isn’t as scary as chopping off all of your hair, but it will completely transform your look. Just promise you won’t cut the bangs yourself.

7. Pixie Cut

Pixie Cut
(Photo: Instagram/kristinakatsabina).

Long-haired ladies, you need to try this one too. How will you ever know if you can pull off a gamine Audrey Hepburn look if you don’t try it? There is a short hairstyle to suit every face shape, so stop using that as an excuse.

8. Natural Texture Style

Natural Texture Style Haircuts
(Image via Instagram).

At some point, you will put down the styling tools and want to embrace your natural hair texture. Whether you have stick-straight hair or tight curls, try a wash-and-wear cut. You will feel liberated from your blow dryer, and you will be able to sleep in longer.

9. Something Crazy

easy crazy hairstyles
(Photo: Instagram/daedra_model).

It doesn’t have to be shave-the-back-of-your-head crazy, but you need to try something wild at least once. Try an asymmetric bob or get a fashion mullet. Yes, it will only be trendy for two years (if you’re lucky), and you’ll cringe at old photos. If you pick the right cut, you’ll be obsessed with it and not regret trying it.

10. Long Bob

long bob straight hair
(Photo: Instagram/silveiralaudy).

The long bob, aka “Lob,” is the hottest haircut of 2022. (Even dudes are trying it.) That doesn’t mean that it will look as dated as your crop top in a few years. It’s a classic shape and offers enough length for short-hair-phobics. Blue tips are optional.

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