Style Guide & Video – Wrap your hair in seconds!

Hair Wraps Style and Guide: You can wrap your hair in seconds, it’s easy, and the wraps can be used over and over again. Here is a style guide for your use, there are seven great styles here, but we know you will come up with creative ones yourself. Please send us pictures of your new styles, and you may be featured on our site! Or you view step-by-step instructions on our YouTube Video below. For a printable pdf of this style guide, click on it and print.

To put in your hair, gather about a pencil size strand of hair and twist a couple of times. Put this strand of twisted hair on the top of the hair wrap. Hold in place with the other hand, wrap the hair in a clockwise direction from the top to the bottom.

hair wraps
Hair Wraps Style and Guide

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Use any size, and color can wear anywhere in your hair. Wraps in seconds and is reusable!

Basic times 2: Great for team colors, put in the first hair wrap, take another, and wrap the wrap around the hair.

Multiple Basic

Mix and match sizes and colors. Mix your school colors, favorite sports teams, or coordinate with your outfit. You can be as creative and unique as you want to be!

Away From Face

Take hair from the front, skip a space add more hair further back, twist a pencil size amount of hair, add the wrap and hair stay out of your face.

Single Pull Back (1 hair wrap)

Take 2 pieces of hair from the front, wrap around to the back, add more hair from the back to anchor in. (All 3 should add up to a pencil size with) twist a couple of times, add the wrap.

Triple Pull Back (3 hair wraps)

Same as #4 except both front pieces have wrapped in them also. The 3rd wrap is anchored by adding hair from the back.

Pony Tail (1 hair wrap)

Take two pieces of hair from the nape of the neck. Wrap these around the ponytail several times, gather a pencil size amount of hair, out in hair wrap.

Care Guide & Guarantee

Hair Wrap Care
Caring For Your Wrap

Easy Removal Options

  1. Hold the TOP of the hair wrap with thumb and index finger, pull down. This compresses instead of stretching the hair wrap. As the hair wrap compresses, the wrap expands making it easier to remove without damaging hair or wrap! For curly, tangled or matted hair it is best to use method two.
  2. Unwrap hair in a counterclockwise direction going from the bottom up. This is the best method for curly, tangled or matted hair.

Caring For Your Wrap

The wraps are waterproof and intended to be used over and over again. For the best care do not stretch or twist excessively. Hair wraps are not recommended for swimming. Swimming can tangle and mat the hair making it difficult to remove without damaging or breaking it. Hair wraps are most flexible when warm, bending at cold temperatures may damage or break the material.


We stand behind our product and assuming the care instructions are followed, they are made to be used over and over again. If you have any problems with your hair wrap contact us for a replacement.

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Hair Wraps Gallery

We love to see our customers loving their hair wraps. Feel free to send us a picture of you and your creative styles using the amazing hair wraps! You may get a featured spot on our site… Email to

About Hair Wraps

Amazing Hairwraps are 100% made by hand in the USA. Jeff and Lydia Cunningham invented and developed this product in Charleston SC, and they sell these in the historic Charleston Market 7 days per week. The material is non-toxic, waterproof, colorfast, flexible, and re-usable. All hair wraps are made from a new space-age material developed by Jeff Cunningham called C12-TSR.

Amazing hair wraps are made in their studio; gallery called the Amazing Sandbox located 5.5 miles from Folly Beach at 1104 Folly Road.

Their gallery also sells original artwork designed and created by the Cunninghams. Along with the Amazing Hairwraps, they sell Hand Painted Ceiling Tins, Gel candles, 3-D wall Sculptures, Bronze Sculptures, Hand Blown glass pendants, and Handmade Earrings. They also sell a line of Mosaic stepping stones and Jeff’s specially designed t-shirts.

The studio will also offer many classes for students from 6 years to 106. These will be fun, fast, and very reasonably priced.


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  1. Hi Lydia,

    We met you in the marketplace in Charleston a few weeks ago. We bought several hair wraps for our granddaughter and she loves them. Unfortunately two of them broke. You mentioned when we bought them to let you know if we had any broken ones to let you know.
    Would you like us to send them to you for a replacement?

    Thank you for your help with this.


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