Don’t worry if you’re uncreative with your hair—pretty strangers on YouTube have your back.

There are thousands of tutorials out there, and I’ve seen most of them. Beauty gurus are a fascinating species who live on a planet where everything is quaint and gracious and accompanied by pleasant music, and I could (do) watch them talk about hairspray all day long. But if you have both hair needs and a life away from your computer, here are seven of the all-time best tutorials.

1. “Sock Bun Hair Tutorial” by Wendy’s Lookbook. Wendy teaches you how to make a prim and proper bun—without having to buy one of those sponge doughnuts. Plus, she exudes positivity and seems freaking thrilled to be brushing her hair. I don’t feel like disclosing how many times I’ve watched this.

2. “Quick & Easy NO HEAT Hairstyles” by Macbarbie07. Teenage Bethany talks you through a handful of quirky styles that’ll make you look like the off-beat best friend in a romantic comedy, and I’m totally digging it. Definitely a favorite.

3. “Loc Hairstyle Tutorial: Petaled Loc Fro” by Chescalocs. Consistently brilliant, Franchesca’s flower-inspired look will make you hang your unflowery head in shame. Probably her best work. So pretty.

4. “Spring Braided Flower Hair Tutorial” by CinthiaTruong. Cinthia casually twists her hair into a shape that I couldn’t replicate with six hours and all the world’s bobby pins, and she looks fantastic doing it. With over 7 million views, this one’s certainly a fan favorite.

5. “How To: Quick and Easy Hairstyles” by Zoella. In ten minutes, Zoe teaches you how to recreate several casual styles that don’t take much longer than throwing on a hat. This is a great starter tutorial if the more complicated looks stress you out.

6. “Quick and Easy Loose Curls + Cute Hair Bow!” by Missglamorazzi. Ingrid uses some kind of devil magic to turn her bangs into a bouncy bow– and somehow makes it look easy and doable. An all-star of a beauty video.

7. “Buring My Hair Off” by Tori Locklear. Because I couldn’t resist.

So morph your head into a peony or toss up your tresses in a classy sock bun. Or, you know, wear a ponytail, stay inside, and rewatch these videos a couple thousand times.

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