Coloring your hair can be a refreshing new start for you this year. You can choose from a long list of hair colors you can apply to your crowning glory. 

Thus, if you have been dying to dye your hair for some time, this article will give you six hair color trends to try in 2024, so you can run to your nearest hairstylist right away to discuss your possible new look.

  1. Ash Blonde Streaks 

Hairstylists anticipate that streaks or highlights will be fashionable again. This is not surprising as it is often a well-loved choice of hair color for women. Ash blonde streaks can be a good hair color for those with light or brown-colored skin. 

If you’re planning to color your hair with ash blonde highlights, you can go to your usual salon and ask a hairstylist about the hair color that caught your fancy. Yet if you’re still unsure about your choice, you can ask your hairstylist what colors look good on you. You may also ask if you can see their hairdressing furniture for a good look at other colors that may interest you, too.

  1. Golden Copper 
6 Hair Color Trends To Try In 2022

Likewise included in the hair color trend for 2024 are red and orange. Despite being vibrant and hard to maintain, these colors continue to attract more women. If you insist on this hair color, ensure you’re going to take care of your hair because you may need to bleach it or do many levels of color lifting to achieve a golden copper color. 

In addition, such a change in hair color will be a surprising transformation for you because golden copper hair can highlight your skin tone and make you look fiercer. You should also keep hair maintenance products so that your hair color will not strip off easily.

  1. Blonde 

From having a heavy and dark hair color to shifting to a blonde hue, this is a brave move for those who want to experiment with their hair color now and then. Settling for blonde hair can also bring you a fair and lighter skin tone because you’re close to having gray hair. Besides, the transformation process to have a blonde hair color is a meticulous one as it also involves many hair levels of lifting to achieve your preferred blonde type. 

For example, you’ve only chosen level eight, which requires two bleaching sessions so that the chemicals will not burn your hair. However, bleaching will still damage your hair whichever way you choose. You have to remember that the road to beauty may involve a bit of sacrifice to get your desired result. 

  1. Chocolate Brown Or Brunette 

This stunning hue compliments dark hair colors and those who have brownish skin tones. If you want to look professional and fashionable, opt for chocolate brown or brunette hair color. 

Additionally, you can always choose this hair color if you don’t want too much attention to how you look. After all, it’s a subtle look that exudes elegance.

  1. Full Or Half Hair Color Change 

Color mixing is a notable trend in 2024, especially for women in the creative field or who want to express themselves loudly. Why limit yourself to one color when you can go for two? Moreover, it also brings out emo phase aesthetics, which are still popular with everyone regardless of age. 

You can color the ends of your hair with your preferred color, like orange, if you’re after vibrancy and funky styling. This color may not suit everyone, so it’s better to consult with a hairstylist so you’ll get the outcome you want.

  1. Balayage 

Balayage may have been a favorite hair color for a long time, but it is also included in the color trends to try out because it can make you look classy and fabulous. A balayage can bring out your warm skin tone or even make your skin tone lighter, depending on whether your hair color is accurate and doesn’t have a yellow undertone.

As extra protection for your hair, you’re also free to choose this hair color as it doesn’t require using foils that can cause more damage and dryness to your hair after application.


You can always flaunt your hair color this 2024 even if you have a dark or light skin tone. Never go out of style with the hair colors listed in this article. You’re sure to find one here that fits your lifestyle and personality. Furthermore, ask a professional hairstylist about the hair colors that suit you best for a lesser chance of regretting your pick in the end.

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