The Galaxy Hair Color Trend Is Out of This World
(Photo: Instagram/ColorfulHair_DarkMind)

Galaxy hair color or space hair dye jobs are multicolored looks that show the solar system is a great hair color inspiration.

There are lots of different things you can be inspired from when it comes to beauty. You can take inspiration from retro celebrity photos, red carpets, the Fashion Month runways, and so much more. When it comes to multicolored dye jobs, it seems like nature is one of the best (and most unlikely) sources of inspiration. Rainbows are the obvious choice, but we have had hair colors inspired by the multiple hues of opals, and you can even count the oil slick hair trend too. If you want more proof that nature is filled with crazy hair color inspiration, just take a look at one of the latest trends: galaxy hair.

Galaxy hair, or space hair as it is also called, sounds like some futuristic dyeing technique, but it’s not. It also does not have anything to with Stars Wars (sadly). Unlike hand-pressed hair or half-and-half hair, galaxy hair is about choosing the right hair colors based on space photos as opposed to using a specific technique. That means that anyone can get the look as long you go to a skilled colorist who is feeling creative.

Galaxy Hair Color Ideas

People are posting photos on Instagram of their new multicolored dye jobs and also including inspiration photos of the solar system. They are tagging them #galaxyhair or #spacehair. We usually see people’s finished hair colors and maybe a shot of them at the salon with their heads covered in dye. We don’t see the photos behind their hair color choice. It is interesting to see the results, especially when they look this amazing. Not only do the colors look fabulous, but you can see how well the inspiration photos translate into hair colors. It’s out of this world. (Sorry.)

Nebulas, the Milky Way, and even the Northern Lights have been the inspiration for dye jobs. You may find it odd at first, but when you see some of the stunning solar system photos, you can see the range of colors and how they beautifully mix together. Whether you love a subtle pastel look, a mix of vibrant tones, or an all-over unique hair color, there is a space photo that will inspire you.

It’s time to dig out your old astronomy books and start looking for inspiration. (There’s no need to worry about whether you know the proper definition of a nebula. As long as you like the photo, that’s all that matters.) If you got photos of the recent blood moon eclipse, that could be the inspiration behind your next hair color. It is much more interesting to use it as dye job inspiration as opposed to just posting a photo on social media and talking about how pretty the sky is.

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