Lace closure wigs are a good option for women who want a breathable and comfortable wig. They have a large lace section, which helps people easily hide their natural hair and make the natural hair visible. 5×5 hd lace closure wig go viral due to their features of having adequate lace area and easy installation methods. In this article, I’ll show you everything you need to know about 5×5 hd lace closure wigs, including what they are, how to wear them, our 5×5 hd lace closure wigs, and more. What can be done about and how to protect them.

What is a 5×5 HD lace closure wig?

A 5×5 lace closure indicates its size. From the top of the head to the ear, the length of the lace is 5 inches. From front to nape, the lace is also 5 inches long.

Compared to frontal lace wigs such as 13×4 lace frontal wigs, lace closure wigs are smaller and cheaper. Most wigs, except the 360 lace frontal wig, consist of two parts: a human weave part and a machine sew part. Since all parts of the lace can only be woven by a skilled worker instead of being sewn by machine, and short hair is difficult to weave, the price of a lace wig is naturally more expensive. The bigger the equipped area, the more you should pay. And the 5×5 lace closure size is the intermediate size that applies to most users and gives a natural look, so choosing 5×5 HD lace closure wig is a great option.

HD shows the texture of the lace. HD Lace is transparent and close to our skin color. Use it because bleaching the knots on the wig raw material and lace can make the wigs more skin-friendly and natural. Moreover, HD lace has better elasticity than ordinary brown lace, which will give you a comfortable wearing experience.

How to wear a 5×5 HD lace closure wig?

When it comes to wigs, one of the biggest concerns is whether or not it needs gel to hold it in place. The 5×5 HD lace closure wig is not fully adhesive, but there is another option for you. If you don’t mind glue, you can apply a small amount of special glue to your skin and wait several minutes for it to dry. A water-soluble glue like Got2Be Spray won’t damage your fringe long-term.

Or you hate glue, clips are waiting for you. The clips used to fix your wig are located on the edge of your wig. Usually, OQHair human hair wigs have one clip at the bottom to help you secure the wig to your nape and two clips on either side of the temples. When you get it, please fix the nap clip first and then the rest. After completing this step, please adjust the elastic band, located above the nape clip. It has three sizes, and you can choose any one depending on your size.

The HD lace closure hides the high hairline problem so you don’t have to worry about it. Once your wig is properly positioned, simply cut off the excess lace. Moreover, don’t forget to design baby hair by parting and trimming the hair, which brightens up your entire face.

What can we do about 5×5 HD Lace Closure Wig?

Designing, bleaching, perming and dyeing are all allowed for 5×5 hd lace closure wigs due to human hair material. If you don’t want to waste your time and money to re-design a new hairstyle, it’s fine to buy a beautiful wig directly. The OQHair home page showcases many 5×5 hd lace closure wig hairstyles.

Personally, my favorite is the jerry curly 5×5 hd lace closure wig. I love the degree of her curves and the energy she has.

Dry jerry curly lace wigs have high quality hair, and watering or adding mousse will create and maintain defined curls. Body wave 5×5 hd closure wigs enhance your taste to a great extent.

OQHair wear and go glueless wigs, our customers’ most popular choices, elevate your style and mood.

How can we protect the 5×5 HD lace closure wig?

1.   A comb-over wig

Wigs, just like our own hair, please comb and tangle before and after wearing them. Choosing a suitable comb is also important. A cheap plastic one is fine. You can try a wide tooth comb with rounded edges. Even better is a smooth wide-toothed comb, often made of some type of wood. The suture creates a thin band around the comb material that can cause friction when combing. It’s not enough to be a huge deal, but a smooth comb eliminates that concern.

2.   Wash the lace closure wig regularly

After wearing the wig for a long time, take it off. Add a mild shampoo to the warm water, then soak the wig in it. Then gently wash the hair to clean it and apply conditioner in warm water, then soak the wig again. And leave it for 10 minutes or more. When you have completed all the steps above, please wash the wig by soaking it in fresh water and absorbing the water with the tower. Finally, keep it aside and let the hair dry naturally.

3.   Storage wig

How do we store wigs without a wig head? The answer is different. Use original packaging, shoe boxes, ziplock bags and hairnets are all good and economical methods.


The 5×5 lace closure wigs at OQHair are virgin human hair wigs with the same texture as our own wigs. Because of this, 5×5 lace closure wigs can be colored and styled with hat tools to suit anyone who wants to have a beautiful hair look. They are easy to connect and maintain, which will save you a lot of time. If you want to try a great wig, don’t hesitate, just try the 5×5 lace closure wig. It is definitely made for you.

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