We’re always on the prowl for hot new hairstyles that are easy yet polished. Whether you’re headed to a fancy occasion or just looking for a way to change up your everyday hair, these half-up, half-down hairstyles effortlessly amp up any look.

Celtic Knot

Celtic Knot Hairstyles for Women

A Celtic knot adds interest to a regular pulled-back hairstyle. It looks intricate, but with the help of this tutorial, you can re-create it with a little practice.

Crisscrossing Half-Up Hairstyle

Crisscrossing Half-Up Hairstyle

This effortless hairstyle is super-easy and quick to create. Pull small front sections of your hair back in a crisscrossing pattern and pin to hold the sections in place.

Crown Braids

Crown Braids Hair Trends

This crown braid hairstyle is soft and romantic. The best part? This hairstyle works up or down.

Reverse Crown Braid

Reverse Crown Braid Hairstyle

Keep your hair back while adding dimension and texture with a reverse crown French braid. Add curls to your hair for a romantic look perfect for date night, or keep it loose and messy for a hippy vibe.

Half-Up French Braid

Half-Up French Braid

This modern twist on the classic French braid is a great way to keep your hair out of your face. The edgy style lends volume and texture and lets your pretty face take center stage. Check out the step-by-step directions here.

The Fake Half-Up

The Fake Half Up Hairstyle

The messy texture and loose twists make this hairstyle perfect for your everyday look. Not to mention, it’s a great option if your hair length or choppy layers prevent a cohesive half-up hairdo. Click over for the full tutorial.

Loosely Twisted Back

Loosely Twisted Back Haircut

Separate two front sections of hair and loosely twist them back for this pretty and party-ready hairstyle. Use a spray to add texture and volume.

Quick and Easy Knotted Hairstyle

Quick and Easy Knotted Hairstyle

Looking for a simple half-updo that’s super-easy to pull off? Give this knotted hairstyle a try! It works on all hair types and is a quick way to pull back your front layers while adding a cute detail.

Pinned-Back Swirl

Pinned Back Swirl Hairstyles

This half-up, half-down hairstyle works on all hair lengths. Swoop hair back into a few swirls, allowing a few face-framing pieces to fall loose.

Half-Up Headband Hairstyle

Half-Up Headband Hairstyle

No pins? No problem. All you need to create this cute half-up hairstyle is your favorite headband and a minute of time.

Hair Bow

Hair Bow Trends

Add a cute and romantic touch with this holiday-ready hair bow. Loosely curl your ends for a more feminine look. Check out the tutorial here.

Half-Up Topknot

Half-Up Topknot Hairstyle

The half-up topknot has been trending for the past few seasons, and it’s super-easy to do. It’s a playful way to add interest to an everyday hairstyle. Simply pull a section from your temples back and toss it up. Check out more ideas to amp up your topknot style here.

Half-Up Boho Fishtail Braid

Half-Up Boho Fishtail Braid

Incorporate two trends into one with this half-up boho fishtail braid. Start by separating two front sections and twisting them back. Then grab a section from the back and create a flat fishtail braid. Tuck the twist section into the fishtail section to hide the ends. Follow the tutorial here.

Retro Half-Up Hairstyle

Retro Half-Up Hairstyle

A little teasing and a lot of body give this half-up hairstyle a retro feel. Finish with a high-shine hairspray to keep everything in place. Get the tutorial here.

Waterfall Braid

Waterfall Braid

A waterfall braid is super-soft and feminine and works for any occasion. Put loose, beachy curls in your hair to really give the illusion of the fluidity of water. Get tips and the how-to here.

Half-Up Braided Knot Bun

Half-Up Braided Knot Bun

This braided knot-bun hairstyle is perfect for adding interest and dimension to an everyday look. Use texture spray before starting to give your hair more grip. Get the step-by-step here.

The Takeaway: Half-Up Styles for Lazy Hair Days

Let’s keep it real, sisters—who actually has time to spend an hour doing some complicated updo every dang day? Riiight, no one.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t still look cute and pulled together! That’s where these half-up hairstyles come to the rescue for busy babes on the go.

In a nutshell, half-up ‘dos give you a styled look without a ton of work. They tame flyaways and frame your face, taking your hair from “meh” to “yaaas!” in minutes flat.

So whether you’ve got a special event coming up or just an average day, try out a half-up look like a faux knot, twisted back, or braided crown situation. Add a headband for short hair or curls for a feminine vibe. So many options on the table!

Bottom line: half-up hairstyles are clutch for any hair type, length, or occasion. And let’s be real, lazy girls—quick styling for the win! Now flick your hair like the fabulous queen you are, honey!

Everyone’s Favorite Half-Up, Half-Down Hairstyles

Oh! Don’t you think life would be simpler if we did not have to make so many decisions? When you get up in the morning, you have to decide if you want to exercise or sleep longer? When you eat breakfast, the choice is about what to eat. And then comes the most important decision of any girl or woman’s day – what to wear? And once you manage to pin this down, then comes the question of how to do your hair.

This can depend on many factors like the length of your hair, the texture, and the way you have styled it. And another factor to be considered is whether you are having a good hair day or a bad hair day. Once you have weighed all these factors, then comes the question – do I wear my hair up or down? Well, we have some good news here – you can wear it half up and half down.

It is like having your cake and eating it too, so to speak, in terms of hair, that is. If you have thick hair, then you can try attractive thick hair hairstyles to try this year, which should ideally include half up and half down hairstyles. Ideally, speaking hair that is neither too long nor too short is the best length to try all sorts of hairstyles.

Evergreen Top Knot Hairstyles

Everyone's Favorite Half-Up, Half-Down Hairstyles

There are many easy and quick work hairstyles for medium hair that are not only smart but also attractive and could offer you the advantage of being half up and half down. The thing about hairstyles that are half up and half down is that they can be as smooth or as sleek as you want to be or as untidy and casual as you want them to be. If you do not believe us, then you can look at cute and messy beach hairstyles for summer that will make you want to reach out for the comb and brush.

There Are Many Ways To Go About Creating A Half Up And Half Down Hairstyle:

Half plait and half-open

The world of braids and plaits offers many choices, but the fact is having a tight plait or braid done of your entire hair can make you look more severe than you are in the mood for. This kind of hairstyle may not be right for all the moods and outfits that you have on. This is where the half up and half down hairstyles come into place. Imagine if you could save a bad hair day by braiding the central part of it into a complicated and pretty braid or plait and leaving the rest of the hair down. This way, not only would you be saving what would have been a disastrous hair day but making the whole thing frame your face and neck in an adorable way.

Half ponytail and half-open

This is somewhat of a childish hairstyle to try in the sense that if you are going with a high ponytail, then you would be emulating a hairstyle that was very popular with teens in the seventies. But if that is not the effect you want to create, then you can tie your ponytail to lie flat at the center of your head with the use of a flat clip or a thinner hair tie and leave the rest of the hair to flow freely. This hairstyle also has the additional advantage of ensuring that small bits of hair do not stray to your face and distract from whatever work you are doing.

Bun and open

Evergreen Top Knot Hairstyles

This is a bit of a bold look though essentially casual, and will have people gawking at you. All you need to do is draw part of the hair in the center and back of your head (leaving some out at the bottom) and make it into a loose knot or bun at the top of the head. You can brush out the rest of the hair to look really different and striking.


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