Personal hairstyles are as unique as your personality. There are literally thousands of styles you can choose. We currently live in the age of coloring, hot tools, brushing, and blow-drying, which makes split ends inevitable. Electrically heated scissors are a new evolution in haircutting technology that eliminates splits ends while giving you an awesome haircut.

The idea of these scissors is heated blades, which assists in sealing the cut end of the hair and preventing possible loss of moisture and splitting of the cut ends of your hair.  One of these scissors that I would recommend is the Jaguar CareCut Electrically Heated Scissors.

Jaguar CareCut Electrically Heated Scissors are unique and innovative scissors that will leave the cortex intact. The hair will also retain its caring substances. The immediate result that you will see after using the CareCut is more shine, volume, and easy manageability.

Some of the fantastic features of CareCut include;

1. You seal the ends of the hair with every cut

The hair will maintain its natural moisturizing and care substances. The multi-active cortex does not dry out. Those with colored or chemically treated hair can use the CareCut.

2. Prevents brittleness and split ends

If you have long hair and always worried about your hair drying out, CareCut eliminates this major problem. During the cut, the hair is sealed permanently to prevent thinning towards the ends hence reducing breakage.  The ends of your hair become smoother and stronger.

3. Promotes hair growth

The sealing of the hair prevents the breaking of the hair and brittles. Your hair will become longer faster, and in a healthy way. Besides, you will have a fresh-from-the salon sensation for several weeks.

4. Is as simple as using a traditional pair of scissors

CareCut is a professional pair of scissors perfect for all cuts, from trimming the ends to an anti-split cut, and very easy to use as the traditional scissors. The hairdressing scissors are ergonomically balanced hence has an entire relaxed stance when on use.


In the video below a Vlogger named Nadia, talks about her experience with Thermal Haircut. Nadia was astonished by the results of the hot scissors. According to Nadia, a thermal haircut is an excellent option for those trying to grow out their hair because you get rid of the split ends without compromising too much length. Her hair was left silky and soft Nadia has never had a similar trim. She vows she will never have it another way since she found the thermal haircut option.

In this second video, celebrity stylist Yana Tamma uses electrically-heated scissors, CareCut in particular, to cut her client’s hair. According to her, the method provides a blunt, weighted end that makes the hair have a thicker and healthier appearance. She also says that the hot scissors add shine, eliminates split ends and that the hair grows very fast. The results of the cut stay for up to five months if you do not do regular hair color treatment or blow-drying.

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