Regardless of your hair length, it is undoubtedly important to have a consistent hair care routine that will keep you hair looking and feeling healthy. This is all the more true when you have sensitive, afro-textured hair that requires different kind of consideration. To find out how to best take care of your short coils read this article further.

Don’t forget to moisturize

While hydrating your strands consistently regardless of hair length is important, it can be all the more beneficial for your short hair, which is vulnerable and actively growing. That is why it is important to incorporate moisturizing products into our haircare routine. With so many available on the market, it might be confusing to figure out which would work best with your hair. It is always better, however, to stick to hair treatment, which has benefited afro-hair for centuries.

Chebe hair butter is the ideal product for this purpose – not only does it help lock the moisture in – it also provides it in the first place, through ingredients like shea butter, tallow and most importantly, chebe powder. Chebe powder itself is an ancient hair care remedy that has been used for generations by the women of Chad in northern Africa and has helped them maintain healthy, waist-length coils.

Don’t neglect your scalp

While taking care of your strands is crucial, it is important you do not forget about your scalp as well. This is particularly important with short hair, since we tend to wash it more often, which results in a product build-up harmful to the scalp even quicker. Furthermore, the skin on your scalp can be quite sensitive to bacteria, so it is important to keep it as protected as possible. This is where Fermented rice water’s antifungal properties will ensure that any of the common scalp issues you might be dealing with will be eliminated while also conditioning and detangling your hair. Additionally, fermented rice water is a perfect source of protein, meaning that you scalp and hair will not only be more protected but much healthier and stronger as well.

Observe your washing routine

In the previous tip, we mentioned how it is common to wash hair more often when it’s short, but the truth is, hair care is quite individual, which is why it’s important to observe how it reacts to your showering frequency. This is due to the fact that while your hair length may change, your scalp’s oil production does not. So while it may be tempting to wash your hair more often when it’s short, you do have to be mindful of how your hair will react to it. In order to avoid washing your hair to often though, you can always keep it looking fresh for longer by using a moisturizing hair butter as suggested above.

Comb less – amd trim more – often

It’s generally not recommended to comb your hair often when you have coily hair – even more so when it’s short. Thankfully, short hair does not require brushing nearly as much anyway, so you can always get away with styling and shaping it using your fingers. What your hair might require a little more of is trimming. Since our hair tends to grow at a pace of about half an inch per month, it is obviously more noticeable on shorter hair – so unless you are planning on growing out your hair more, try to trim it as often as once every three weeks. This is also good for preventing any split ends from forming and growing healthy hair more steadily.

Reduce heat and chemical treatment

While you may be able to avoid using flat or curling iron on short hair due to there being no need for it, there is still the temptation of drying your hair with a blow dryer. Nevertheless, even if it may seem like this will require no time at all, it is still best if you dry it naturally.

This is even more crucial with the less necessary hair procedures such as bleaching and dyeing. These procedures, especially when used frequently for an extended period of time can seriously damage your hair – and your scalp.

While the best option would be to avoid these altogether, sometimes, you just just really want to change up your style – especially when you have short hair for a long time. If you are really set on any sort of hair procedure in between your Chebe butter uses, you can minimize damage using a hot oil treatment. More specifically, Karkar oil would be the perfect go-to product. Since it works on both scalp and hair length, it is a perfect way to strengthen and rid your scalp and hair of all the harmful bacteria so that it can withstand any additional treatment.

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