Without a doubt, dreadlock instructions can be helpful to recreate the popular hairstyle that mainstream culture has come to accept more and more. With the rise in popularity of dreadlocks across races, creeds, and cultures has come a surge of interest in how to get and maintain locks.

While many people choose to have their locks started and maintained by dreadlock stylists, there are many more people who opt to start and groom their hairstyles by themselves.

Whether you are interested in permanent dreadlocks, synthetic dreadlocks, a dreadlock wig, or just want temporary dreadlocks, Miami Dreads will help you find the answers you need.

The know-how you need to get your new locks

Depending on your hair type, there are several ways to start the dreadlocking process and achieve wonderfully healthy-looking locks.

If you have yet to start your dreads, it’s really important for you to consider preparing your hair for the transition to dreadlocks. Many of the methods that are suggested by Dreadlock Installation Miami can be harsh on your hair, but prepping your tresses will minimize damage.

Preparing your hair and even your mind for dreadlocks is different for everyone in terms of the steps you’ll need to take and the length of time you will need.

Once you’ve prepared yourself for permanent dreads, knowing which method to use to create your locks can get confusing. That’s where Miami Loctician comes in.

Whether you talk to your friends or chat it up with the people you meet on online message boards, there are folks who’ll tell you not to use such and such a method, while others will swear by it and have the pictures to prove it.

Perhaps they don’t realize that what worked for them may not work for you, especially if you don’t have the same type of hair. There are three different hair types – Caucasian, Asian, and African – and lots of variety between them.

Knowing your hair type is 80% of the work involved in making dreadlocks that look great. Any good dreadlock stylist will tell you that your hair type dictates which method you should use to make dreadlocks.

If you’re ready to get dreadlocks, then you need clear dreadlock instructions to help you out. You won’t believe how many ways there are to make dreadlocks that will look good for years to come.

The know-how you need to get your new locks
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Temporary alternatives to dreadlocks

There are many reasons why people hesitate to get permanent dreads. You may want to see how the hairstyle looks before committing to locking your hair, or you may be concerned about the reaction from your employer, family, friends, and other loved ones. Or you may not know which method would be best for you to use.

Don’t worry; you’ve got two choices: synthetic dreadlocks or permanent dreadlocks.

Synthetic dreadlocks are made from either synthetic (fake) or natural hair that you can purchase in any beauty supply store. Synthetic dreadlocks can be bought and used right out of the bag, or you can make them into dreadlocks yourself. To learn more about synthetic dreads and how they might be the right solution for you, get dreadlock instructions for synthetic dreads.

Permanent dreadlocks are fun and are made from your own hair. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to get this look at Dreadlock Installation Miami. Whatever your reason for wanting them, there are many ways to achieve a dreadlock hairstyle.

All of them are easy enough for you to do with Dreadlock services in Miami offered by Dreadlock Central. They’re a mobile dreadlock salon that travels directly to your home, installing Instant Dreadlocks in the Miami Area!

Dreadlock Loctician can be a key part of your dreadlock hair care routine. Dreadlock wearers tend to manage their locks on their own without help from a dreadlock loctician.

Why consider a professional stylist for my dreadlocks?

There’s certainly nothing wrong with maintaining your hair. Nevertheless, dreadlock stylists can likely help your dreadlocks grow healthier and stronger, which is essential if you’re keeping your locks for the long haul.

Whether your locks are organic or maintained using Crochet Method Miami that helps make styling more straightforward, there are drawbacks and benefits of seeing a dreadlocking stylist to ensure a proper dreadlock hair care routine.

Why consider a professional stylist for my dreadlocks?

The drawbacks can include high service charges, a salon atmosphere, or environment that you don’t feel comfortable in or not getting a good vibe with the stylist. The right dreadlock services in Miami will overcome all of these difficulties, and your hair will thank you for it because you are being proactive about preventing hair and scalp problems. They are a mobile dreadlock salon that travels directly to your home to fix up your Dreads in the Miami Area!

Dreadlock services in Miami

Dreadlock Central is a loctician located in Miami, Florida, and has been the leading Miami Dreads and extreme-hair styling destination. Whether you live in the beautiful Florida area or are looking for a fantastic place to visit, you can get your dreadlock done by their super talented and fun hair stylists.

Here are details of the services we provide – call for pricing and free consultations.

Natural Dreadlocks

No need to worry about your hair is super straight, extremely thick, or too short! Dreadlock Central has several chemical-free methods for creating dreadlocks that can be tailored to your particular hair type, hair length, and lifestyle. No matter what the method, you are guaranteed to walk out with the tightest, most well-formed, and permanent dreadlocks right from day one. Miami Dreads appointments include free tips and advice you could hope for from your fabulous personal Miami Loctician stylist and lock-expert!

For those who have dreadlocks that need some good lovin’, this service provides instant locs, dreadlock installation, dreadlock maintenance, dreadlock extensions, dreadlock repairand general freshening up with fabulous dreadlock products.

Dreadlock and Related Services

Got dreads that are broken, too thick or thin, bumpy, or loopy? A major repair is their specialty – they fix it all. Locks doing ok so far? Dread maintenance can help prevent these problems before they begin. Whatever the condition of your dreads, having them maintained can make a huge difference, making your dreads look tidier, tighter, and more defined – and not to mention that great feeling of fresh air hitting your scalp! A difference you can both see AND feel.

Dreadlock services in Miami also offer Dreadlock Styling services, where you can add bangs, ‘sideburns,’ undercuts, or get a dreadlock trim and clean-up.

Dreadlock Maintenance Lite

If you don’t have the time or cash to opt for a full dread maintenance session, this is the next best thing. Your personal Miami loctician will go crazy fixing and tightening up your most visible dreadies, i.e., the ones on top creating that nice, fuzzy halo, making your locks look a lot more tidy in a very short amount of time.

If you’ve always wished your dreads were just a leeeetle (or a lot!) longer, Dreadlock Extensions are the answer to your prayers. Color and size-matched perfectly to your real dreads, no one ever has to know you have them, and the best part is they don’t damage your existing locks. Remove them easily with the snip of a string anytime you want! Dread Extenders can be added on to new dreadlocks the same day they’re started, or added to older locks anytime.

Dreadlock Maintenance

Human Hair Extensions

Not normally a part of the regular dreadlocking services, the demand to provide human hair extensions is overwhelming, and Dreadlock Installation Miami is happy to make this professional service available for the convenience of their clients.

Human hair extensions are a process that has been used by celebrities for decades and are the current rage among average Tom, Dick, and Mary alike. Human hair extensions instantly add length, texture, and color to any hair type without the use of chemicals and dyes, and can be matched flawlessly to your natural hair. Dreadlock Central uses the highest quality human hair, available in many textures and colors, and in pinch-braid or weave methods (both glue-free). There is no slippage or damage to the hair, and extensions can be tightened every 8 weeks. Get the hair you’ve always wanted, without the wait!

Synth dreads rock the spot and are ideal for trying out a less permanent, hassle-free version of the real thing. They are also perfect if you want to grow your hair out but still have the look of dreadlocks, as your hair simply hides underneath, undamaged and untouched. Synth dreads can be done in any dread style – short, long, fat, thin, blunt, or wispy, you choose. It’s all up to your imagination and preference! Synth dreads also last as long as you want to keep them, unlike most other extensions, because of the superior quality of synthetic hair. It’s a good idea to come in and have them tightened every once in a while as your natural hair grows, but you don’t even have to buy new hair unless you want to change the color or style!

And as with all Dreadlock Central’s services, no glues or chemicals are used – only string and the magical hands!

Dreadlock Highlites and Fill-Ins

Looking for a splash of color without the hassle of messy bleaches and dyes? Or maybe you struggle with fine hair, skinny dreads, or gaps you’d love to make disappear? Dread Highlites and Fill-Ins are the easy answer! Synthetic dreads in your choice of colors are attached and blended perfectly with the rest of your existing dreadlocks in about an hour, adding color and/or thickness, depending on your need. Remove them whenever you want, with no damage to the rest of your dreadlocks. The perfect way to add color to your dreadlocks without adding chemicals or thicken up that mane instantly!

Dreadlock Felting

Another quick and easy way to add vibrant, permanent color without chemicals – with colored wool!

Dreadlock services in Miami

Where else in the world can you pamper your dreads like this? Treat your locks to one or more of Miami Dread services for all that time they’ve been so good to you!

Dreadlock services in Miami

Dreadlock Deep-Clean, Massage, Palmrollio and Refresher

Let dreadlock products give your locks and scalp the deep cleaning they deserve, followed by a stimulating scalp massage. Then your sparkly-clean dreads are palm-rolled with your choice of dreadlock product to get them looking tight and beautiful again. Finish off with a refreshing tonic spray of your choice and leave feeling invigorated, loved, and sweet-smelling!

Dreadlock Deep-Clean, Massage, and Scalp Treatment

Got a few flakes? Itchy scalp driving you crazy? Instant relief is on the way with the fabulous Miami Instant Locs treatment. Service includes Instant Locs & Crochet Method only, 99.9% success with all hair types, professional in-home services, zero use of string, waxes, and gels. They’ll also make sure to arm you with a ton of great information on how to continue caring for your scalp and keeping it healthy.

Dreadlock Removal

Dreadlock Central actually helps you REMOVE your dreadlocks?? Well, the reality is that someday dreads may not be right for you, suit your lifestyle, or you might simply just need a change. But gone are the days of having to shave that head clean to start over, thanks to the incredible Dreadlock Removal Kit, which includes the Dreadlock Removal Shampoo and Damage Control Deep Conditioner! Pick up a Dreadlock Removal Kit today and remove those locks yourself, or let Dreadlock services in Miami unravel, deep-clean and trim all that hair for you, and start over fresh and new! In-person consultation required.

Dreadlock Central Dreadlock services

Dreadlock Central Dreadlock services are also very proud to be Miami’s only shop specializing in extreme cuts and colors! Always wanted a neon green mohawk? Check out their Dreadlock Maintenance page featuring rock hawks, mod bowl-cuts, mullets, and shags, and the line of long-lasting hair colors. Conventional cut and color clients are also welcome, of course! Miami Loctician stylists will be happy to spend the time it takes to make your tresses exactly the way you want them to be. With the additional services, you get any look you wish, including using synthetic hair for dramatic style with individual flair.

Yes, indeed, at Dreadlockcentral.com, you’ll also find a great selection of dread products that are specially designed to make your dreads as easy as possible.

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