Beauty Myths: Does Washing Your Hair More Often Make It Greasy?

There are lots of things that you hear frequently about your hair that you are never sure whether they are legit or not. You hear that brushing your hair more will give you shiny locks and that rinsing with cold water will also boost shine. You have probably heard that the cool button on the blow dryer could be your secret to a salon-quality blow-dry. One thing that you have probably heard a lot is that shampooing your hair can actually make it even more greasy. We asked Carla Rivas, hairstylist and co-founder of Hair La Vie, whether it is true or whether it is just a beauty myth.

If you are reaching for the shampoo every single morning, Carla says that you could be making your hair more oily. She explains, “Your scalp produces natural oils to maintain the health of our hair and scalp. When we strip it of our natural oils and dry it out, our bodies react naturally by producing even more oil. The same goes for your skin, which can lead to acne.”

If you’re wondering how often you should be washing your hair, Carla says that it can vary by hair type, but she says that most hair types only need to be washed once or twice a week at most. If your hair is straighter, you could wash it more, but Carla states you should still limit washing to no more than three days a week. She says you could wash it every other day, but that is the worst-case oily scenario.

For curly-haired girls, you can get away with washing your hairless. This is not because your hair produces less oil, it is because it is harder for oils to travel through textured hair. The next time you’re complaining about your curls, remember that.

If you think that you would look like a grease monster after only washing your hair a couple of times a week, Carla says you can use a natural dry shampoo or cornstarch in between washes to soak up the grease. She can also relate. Carla explains, “I used to wash every day because of it and found that by the end of the day my hair was greasy all over again. I found the less often I washed the less greasy my hair actually felt. Once I cut it down to three times a week I found that it was surprisingly manageable.”

If you are wondering about whether it is okay to rinse your hair every day without using shampoo, Carla only recommends getting your hair wet if you are planning to do a major style change. Rinsing your hair under the tap will really only add time to your styling routine. It will not actually help get your roots under control because oil and water do not mix.

When you do wash your hair, Carla says to make sure that you are using shampoos with all-natural ingredients. This is especially important if you are going to be washing your hair on a more frequent basis. She explains, “You could be using a shampoo or styling products that are actually drying your hair out more, hence, making it more oily. A lot of shampoos out right now will leave your hair feeling soft for a few days or hours even but are completely damaging it.” Carla recently created her own Revitalize Shampoo and Restore Conditioner when she could not find anything on the market. They are formulated with including antioxidants, keratin protein, peppermint oils, and saw palmetto berries, her secret hair weapon.

If there is one thing that would make the transition of going from washing your hair daily to washing it a couple of times a week more appealing, it is the idea that your hair will be less greasy over time. Carla says that you will hopefully notice a difference since your body won’t feel the need to overproduce oil. She states, “Having changed my shampooing routine myself, I can say that there has most definitely been a difference for me. My hair seems less greasy and I’m able to maintain the volume in it for most of the week.”

While the frequency of how often you wash your hair is important, you also cannot forget about genetics and the products you are putting in your hair. Carla stresses that you need to read the labels on anything you buy. If it means the difference between a greasy, damaged hop and shiny hair, isn’t it worth it?

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