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One common hair tip is to rinse your hair with cold water after you shampoo but does it actually make a difference?

One of the hair tips that you have probably heard a lot is how you should be rinsing your hair with cold water. It’s a different matter whether you’ve actually gotten around to trying it. When you’re in the shower standing under that hot, steamy water, the last thing you want to do is turn it off. But what if I told you it really does make a difference to your hair? We spoke to Chaz Dean, the founder of WEN Hair And Body Care to see if rinsing your hair with cold water actually makes a difference.

The short answer? It definitely does. Cool water doesn’t just impact your hair but your scalp as well, and a happy scalp is critical to a healthy head of hair. Chaz explains, “Cool water helps improve blood circulation to your scalp. When your body is cold, blood moves faster and capillaries widen to warm you up. A huge contributor to hair loss is poor blood circulation.”

In terms of your locks, rinsing with cool water will make your hair shinier and healthier. If you have dyed hair, the cold water will help your color stay vibrant and last longer. Surely you can convince yourself to turn off the hot water tap if it means your new oil slick hair color will last longer. Cool water also allows you to gain the most benefits from your styling products.

In contrast, hot water can cause frizz, breakage, and premature hair loss. According to Chaz, “Cleansing your hair with hot water opens up your cuticle and can make hair roots weak. Serious damage can be done to your hair when using hot water.”

To keep your mane (and scalp) in top shape, Chaz recommends that you cleanse, rinse and repeat. The first time you can use cool water but colder water is better for the final rinse. The colder water helps close the cuticle thus sealing in moisture in your hair. Note: There is no such thing as using “too cold” water. Chaz states that your hair will not be damaged at this temperature.

If you absolutely loathe cold showers and still aren’t convinced about standing under an icy tap for better hair, the absolute hottest you should have your water is room temperature. Those scalding temperatures a definite no-no.

Bottom line: The cooler the water the better for the health of your hair. So take a deep breath and turn the tap as far to the right as you can take and pretend you’re on a hot desert island. If that doesn’t work, imagine the money you’ll be saving in hot water bills.

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