Did you know that as many as 3 out of 4 women color their hair?

If you’re thinking about sprucing up your natural locks but don’t want to commit to maintaining a full dye, then experimenting with different highlight colors could be the perfect solution for you.

Do you need some hair inspiration? Keep reading to learn about 5 summer highlights ideas that will transform your look.

Different Summer Highlights Ideas

1. Face-Framing Highlights

Whether you have a tight budget or schedule, getting face-framing highlights is a great way you can make your face glow without having to go through the hoops of applying full highlights. There’s no upkeep unless you want to make this a more permanent hairstyle over the years. This is one of the top picks for women who have never gotten highlights before because they can get a taste of what the process and final results are like.

2. Blurred-Root Highlights

Although highlights are low-maintenance when compared to full dyes, some women aren’t a fan of how they grow out. If you don’t want to worry about your roots, then you should opt for blurred-root highlights, which are similar to the popular balayage trend. Your hairstylist can leave as much of your root space untouched as you want and blend in your new color for a natural makeover.

3. Brown Highlights

Who says that blondes are the only people who get to have fun? If you have black or brunette hair, then you can add tons of luxe to your hair by weaving in some brown highlights that complement your natural shade. From coffee to cinnamon, there are plenty of brown highlight options that you and your hairstylist can play with.

4. Blush Blonde Highlights

If you want to add extra zest to traditional blonde highlights, then you can ask your hairstylist to mix some blush tones into the party. Since summer is the best time to sip on some rosé with your friends, you can take some inspiration from this iconic drink. Going blush blonde will lend so much warmth and vibrance to your appearance that you’re guaranteed to fall in love.

5. Lowlights

Anyone who’s worried about damaging their hair can still enjoy lowlights since they blend darker tones into your natural hair. Adding dark shades can create more volume and intrigue, which can be especially helpful for women with thinner hair. If you want your hair to look richer, then lowlights are always an option worth considering.

Are You Ready to Look Gorgeous With These Summer Highlights Ideas?

Getting summer highlights is one of the easiest ways you can freshen up your look without having to worry about touching up your roots with full dye jobs. With these great ideas, you’ll have plenty to discuss with your hairdresser at your next appointment.

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