Photos: Denim Hair Color and Dye Jobs Trend
Denim Hair Color and Dye Jobs Trend. (Photo: Instagram/purrrfect_hair).

There have been some obscure and unconventional hair color inspirations. You probably never thought that the Pumpkin Spice Latte would be inspiring dye jobs or that people would be coloring their hair based on breathtaking photos of the galaxy. And who would have predicted that a humble checkerboard would provide inspo for such a fun hair color look? The latest hair color trend takes inspiration from your closet. Denim hair is the newest dye job look that rainbow hair lovers are obsessing over.

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Fashion and beauty are very much related, but you probably didn’t expect that your humble pair of jeans would be inspiring cool hair colors. You could maybe see your printed bomber jackets or your candy-colored heels, but your go-to jeans?

Denim Hair Color and Dye Jobs Trend
(Photo: Instagram/vivdhaircreations).

The beauty of the denim hair color trend is that it is very versatile. There are thousands of washes of blue jeans, so you can choose your favorite. Denim hair colors range from almost white-blues to the inkiest midnight colors. If you like your blues faded, try a pastel hair color look. If you still love the silver hair color trend, you could try a muted gray-blue dye job. If you are the type of girl who strictly wears super dark denim, you could match your hair to your navy jeans. The deeper shades are great for girls with naturally dark hair who don’t want to have to bleach their locks white blonde before dyeing them blue.

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A one-color denim dye job is pretty, but you do not need to stop at one color. Take inspiration from your faded or distressed jeans and add different shades of blue, white, gray, and blue-gray.

denim hair color

The denim hair color trend focuses mostly on traditional blue hues as opposed to the full rainbow. However, if you’re not one for tradition, you could also take inspiration from denim styles that aren’t blue. If you have a pair of colored jeans that you think would make a great hair color, wear them to your next salon appointment, and tell your hair colorist you want your hair dyed to match ’em.

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Another positive about denim hair is that it goes with everything, just like your regular jeans. Some hair colors can clash with your outfits and makeup, but denim hair is very versatile.

You also do not ever have to worry about your look having too much denim. You can wear your jeans with your denim dye job, and no one will accuse you of having a double denim disaster. The only time they would do that is if you try to wear a denim cowboy hat and three-piece denim suit a la Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears. However, in that case, it is the actual clothes that are the problem, not your hair. That look is too much, even with natural-colored hair.

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