The Glow-In-The-Dark Phoenix Hair Color Trend Is Stunning
Glow-In-The-Dark Phoenix Hair Is Absolutely Magical. (Photo via Instagram)

There are lots of amazing hair colors trends inspired by unexpected things. We’ve seen hair colors based on opalssunsetspumpkin spice lattes, and even oil spills. The latest thing dye jobs are being inspired by is phoenixes. The mythical birds are the inspiration behind glow-in-the-dark hair colors that are driving the internet crazy.

Phoenixes are already amazing creatures. The whole rising-up-from-the-ashes tale is pretty epic. Add in their majestic feathers, and it is no surprise that they make great hair color inspiration. Hair artist Guy Tang was inspired by the magical birds to create phoenix neon glowing hair, and the dye job lives up to the bird’s reputation.

Guy posted a tutorial on YouTube on how to achieve the prismatic look. He uses Kenra Professional Neon Colors to add vibrant red, orange, hot pink, and golden yellow streaks to hair. It’s a stunning combination, but the magic happens when you look at the dye job under black light. It makes it seem like you’re a phoenix rising up from the ashes thanks to your multicolored mane.

If you have bleached or unicorn hair, you will know that light locks do glow under black lights. However, we have never seen anything quite as mesmerizing as phoenix hair under black lights. It’s the closest thing to magic IRL we’re going to get.

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