Curly hair is gorgeous, but styling tutorials tend to overlook it for straight and wavy hair. Try out these curly hairstyle tutorials for creative options.

Curly hair is so gorgeous when worn down, but that’s no reason not to try wearing it up every once in a while. There are actually a number of creative and stylish options for updos and embellishments when it comes to curly hair, and we’ve rounded up some of the best.

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Check out these easy tutorials for curly hairstyles:

1. Curly Hair Messy Bun by LuxyHair

The messy bun is my grail style, and this tutorial by LuxyHair has me thinking the problem might be with my own textureless hair. Her bun looks ready for class or a charity gala, and with the little flower over the ear, she looks like she’s on her way to a luau.

2. Easy Up-Do For Naturally Curly Hair by LuxyHair

This series of tight twists runs down the side of her head into a cute, low bun. It looks really complicated, but it does not seem to have taken her too much time or effort at all.

3. Natural Curly Hair: Low Side Bun Glam by SunKissAlba

A high bun or one at the nape of the neck can look frumpy, but a low side bun is always a young look. This one is really cool. Also, be sure to check out the perfect liquid eyeliner displayed in this video. Oh so envy.

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4. 5 Back-to-School Curly Hairstyles by ForeverYours0727

I never bother breaking out hot tools unless there’s an event going on at which I want to make an impression. These five options are insanely easy—all five tutorials take less than six minutes together—and there’s no heat or complicated styling involved. I particularly like the one where the hair wraps around her headband into a ponytail.

5. Cute Twist Side Natural Curly Hair Tutorial by MuchMoreThanBeauty

The rolled sides of the hair in this tutorial look like something out of Downton Abbey, but I love the way they connect into her big, dramatic ponytail.

6. Retro Rockabilly Pin-Up Look With Rolled Bangs and Curly Hair by Shameless Maya

Retro looks aren’t the easiest with curly hair, but Shameless Maya manages to rock an epic Rosie the Riveter with her curly hair, and she even fakes herself a set of retro-rolled bangs. This is seriously adorable.

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7. Rihanna-Inspired 80s Curly Up-Do Hairstyle

This one isn’t an extreme curl style, but if you have nice, tumbly waves or looser curls, it looks pretty darn cute.

8. Natural Hair Sassy Updo with Easy Styling by lovelyanneka

This curly fauxhawk is crazy epic. I can’t believe this tutorial took her less than six minutes to get sides that smooth and her top so perfectly springy and shiny. The look is fierce as hell and apparently super easy. If you have short, curly hair like this, you should totally give it a try.

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