Expert Tips To Get The Best Curly Hair
Expert Tips To Get The Best Curly Hair. (Photo: @curly daily/Instagram).

As if traditional hairstyling wasn’t hard enough—stop trying to tell me at-home blow-outs are simple—neither is enhancing the texture if you’re like me, somewhere in between your half-wavy, half-curled and half-dried hair, you simply surrender. Why on earth is it so hard to get this right? The good news is it’s not impossible to get your perfect curly hair down pat, but I’ll admit it does take a little bit of work. Read on to make the most of your god-given ringlets with these seven savvy tips straight (get it?) from the experts.

1. Determine Your Curl Type

You can’t determine where you are going if you don’t know your starting place. “Your curl type is often only determined and really defined after using a styling product that adds moisture and weight to the hair,” explains Paul Labrecque, founder, and owner of Paul Labrecque Salon and Spa. “Curly hair without product often appears tighter and more frizzy. Add in some moisturizing and conditioning products the next time you’re styling to really find out [what your pattern holds.”

2. The Right Product Mix is Trial & Error

“Every type of hair is different, so not all products work the same on all curl types,” explains Amy Bradbury, From Kennaland. “You must take into consideration your environment as well—some curls need more hold, and some need more moisture. My number one favorite curl product is davines curl serum. There are also Evo liquid rollers that can also be mixed and matched with their gel gangsta grip for more hold or easy tiger straightening balm to control the hair and soften frizz.”

3. Seek Shelter On Humid Days (Just Kidding!)

“On a humid day, keep in mind that really clean hair without much product in it will only look more frizzy,” shares Labrecque. “Remember bandanas and stylish headbands can also be an aid to hold your hairstyle together—and to stop excess sweat from destroying your curls.”

4. Quench Your Curls

“Using a mask once a week or every other week (depending on your hair type) can help to maintain the moisture,” advises Bradbury. “You can also use a leave-in conditioner or oils. If your hair becomes over dry or too much product, it may not have the curl or feeling you like [having].”

5. Rely on Mother Nature

“Anytime you can keep the heat off of your hair, that’s a good thing,” shares Labrecque. “I recommend air drying, but if you really want a full and voluminous style or need to escape the cold, use a diffuser. It broadens the airflow of the hairdryer and helps curls to dry in their natural shape.”

6. Skip the Suds

“We often over wash our hair, so these new pre-poo or non-suds shampoo can be good for your hair since they gently cleanse strands,” adds Bradbury. “However, If you use a lot of product in your hair, it may not feel clean. It’s always a good idea to mix and match your shampoos [occasionally]. “

7. Straighten—But Only on Occasion

“People who overuse heating instruments like flat irons can often alter their curl formation, making the ends of their hair appear straighter than the root,” warns Labrecque. “If this happens and you want to go back curly, those ends must be cut. Remember, Curly hair is much more fragile than straight hair. It reacts to chemicals with less resilience, But it also breaks more easily. I recommend frequent hot oil treatments, like my Paul Labrecque Repair Treatment with Lemongrass to my clients with curly hair.”

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