9 Hair Hacks For Covering Up Visible Roots

Is there anything more frustrating than watching your hair grow out until your roots just can’t be ignored anymore? For every straight-haired girl who’s had to watch curls poke out of her scalp, for every young woman who can’t keep her grays at bay, for every blonde with an inch of dark hair at the top, these hacks have your back.

1. Six Ways To Hide Your Roots by Gen L. Watson.

Thank goodness for makeup tutorials. When I’m feeling mopey and like getting out of bed is a struggle, I like to find a video that pumps me up to do my hair and look like a human being. This video has lots of great advice for working with your hair– not against it.

2. Distract people with your cute headband!

Distract people with your cute headband

This article has a bunch of ideas for hair accessories that can disguise your roots to the people around you. I don’t even have regrowth right now, but I still might need a few of these!

3. Erika’s Easy At Home Root Touch-Up Routine by mS3riKa.

Every time I see these root touch-up products at the grocery store, I always wonder if they actually work, or if they end up looking awkward and cheap. This video answers my question! If you know what you’re doing, at-home kits can be amazing.

4. Use this mascara trick!

Use this mascara trick: mascara wand

If you’re able to find the right color, you can actually use mascara to conceal your roots. I was straight up dumbfounded when I found out about this trick. It seems too good to be true.

5. Fifteen Ways To Wear A Headscarf by LoveYourTresses.

For those days when your natural color or texture is peaking through and you don’t have the energy to tame it, this video has tons of ideas for tying your hair up in a scarf. It’s feminine, it’s creative, and it’s a great way to do your hair without… doing your hair.

6. White and Silver Hair Tutorial and Root Touchup by Joseph Harwood.

Not only is this an awesome tutorial for making your hair look pastel and pretty, but it also shows you how to maintain a complicated look with tricks for redoing your own roots. Why let your color die early just because of regrowth?

7. Use powder to cover your grays!

Use powder to cover your grays

You might not have a salon-quality hairstylist at your beckon call, but you probably have a bunch of old powders lying around. This trick is pretty freaking brilliant.

8. Four Ways To Wear Head Scarves.

How many times have I been disappointed to see that the bottom of my hair is still curled or cute when the top is overgrown, greasy, or a frizz disaster? These scarf hacks help you find the perfect solution!

9. How To Hide Your Roots With 3 Simple Tricks by Popsugar Beauty.

For those days when you’re not thrilled about showing off your sloppy hair to the world, this video can show you ways to cover up your slop with products, hairstyles, and creativity.

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