Color Melt Hair
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Color melting is the latest hair dye technique that gives you a natural color blend that regular ombre and balayage cannot.

If you’ve played around with ombre hair, you know that one of the cons about the technique is that, even if you go to a skilled hair colorist, there’s usually a line of demarcation between where the bleach was applied and your natural color. A colorist will normally soften the lineup with different shades and a balayage technique, but if you look closely, you can probably still see it. Worse yet, if you go to an unskilled colorist for an ombre dye job, you can end up with chunks of color or stripes that do not blend at all. If you still love yourself, some ombre hair but you’re looking for a more seamless finish, color melting is the solution.

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Do not worry; it isn’t as scary as it sounds. Color melting is a hair dye technique that makes your ombre hair blend as flawlessly as an ombre gown on the red carpet because it takes your base color into account. “Melting is a technique that blends highlights with the base color of your hair, so you don’t have any harsh lines,” color pro and Matrix Stylelink stylist George Papanikolas explained to BuzzFeed.

Color Melt Hair

You might have thought that your hair colorist was taking your base color into account if you were going for a more natural ombre look before, but this is different. Instead of using regular highlights and balayage to create an ombre finish, color melting uses multiple colors that are close to your natural base for a blurred or melted effect.

The resulting look is something that’s blended and more natural. With the perfect color melting dye job, you should not be able to tell where one color ends and another begins. It should look like your hair is naturally flawless and just grows like that.

The color melting technique is game-changing for people who want a more natural ombre look. However, fans of rainbow hair aren’t left out of this one. The same technique can be applied if you want a gradient dye job with pastels or bright colors. Obviously, you won’t be able to convince people that you have hair that naturally grows out of your head pink, purple, and blue, but it’ll certainly look like it does.

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There have been countless hair color trends, from rainbow roots to snow lights to opal dye jobs. It’s great to see that not only are there interesting color combinations but innovations in terms of technique. Even if you were getting tired of your ombre hair color, you would probably want to go back to it just to see what a color melt look is like compared to your old one. Say goodbye to stripes and blocks of color.

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