After learning that he used to be a stripper, hearing him open up about his body image issues, and watching him hit himself in the face with errant objects on Parks and Recreation, we didn’t know it was possible to fall deeper in love with Chris Pratt. He obviously sells us a very specific image of himself, but from what we’ve seen, he appears to be a genuine, awesome dude– and this new video just took him from Cute all the way to Dear God, He’s Freaking Adorable.

Chris Pratt French Braid
Chris Pratt French Braid A Girl’s Hair During An Interview.

Chris did an interview yesterday with Entertainment Tonight to promote his new movie, Guardians of the Galaxy, and talk about his dramatic weight loss for the role. Giving a little shoutout to his (equally awesome) wife, Anna Faris, he mentioned that she “likes him better fat” because “she’s a feeder.” He added, laughing, “Don’t blink, brother, ’cause soon enough, she’s gonna be really happy. Old daddy’s gonna be back.”

The interview managed to double in cuteness soon thereafter when ET brought up an old Instagram post that showcased Pratt’s talent for French braiding hair. (We lost our shit when we first saw it, too. He’s pretty good.) They brought a studio intern, Jen, in front of the camera, and Chris proceeded to do her hair while they continued talking. ”I’ve never had a man French braid my hair,” she said, looking kind of incredulous about what was happening. “I mean, you’re very gentle. Thank you, Chris, for your tender hands.”

Ending on a high note, the interviewer asked Chris if he needed a rubber band to finish Jen’s hairstyle, to which he replied,

Not a rubber band. You wouldn’t want to use a rubber band; it can damage the hair. What you’ve gotta use is something called a scrunchie.

So good. I wish he and Anna nothing but the best in their relationship, but if Chris ever finds himself with a few spare clones looking for wives, I volunteer as tribute.

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