The ‘Butterfly’ haircut is the newest version of the ‘Shag’ haircut that was popular in the 1970s. It combines different lengths of layering to add depth, movement and volume to your hair. The shorter softer layers fall around the chin framing the face, fluttering away from it like butterfly wings. This haircut creates an illusion of hair around the face, while maintaining length at the back. Additionally, it helps reduce the weight of your hair, making it feel lighter when tied up in a ponytail.

The butterfly haircut works well with most hair types and lengths. It is a low maintenance style that doesn’t require regular salon visits. If you want to achieve this look you can follow tutorials that demonstrate how to create effects using three ponytails.

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How to style a butterfly haircut

Butterfly Haircut Brunette
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When styling a butterfly haircut remember that you’re trying to enhance and encourage the natural movement created by the layering.

If you’re looking to style a butterfly haircut here are some tips;

  1. Add volume, blow dry your hair using a volumizing mousse and a hot brush.
  2. Create soft looking waves with a curling wand to add texture and dimension to the haircut.
  3. For a polished look part your hair down the center. Create low side ponytails on both sides of the part.
  4. If your hair struggles to hold curls, try using Velcro rollers to style the butterfly cut.

By following these tips, you can achieve an trendy look with your butterfly haircut.

What face shape suits a butterfly haircut

What face shape suits a butterfly haircut
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Which face shape suits a butterfly haircut? It’s important to note that the emphasis of this particular hairstyle is the face framing layers that descend away from the face, resembling fluttering butterfly wings.

Generally oval and heart face shapes are best suited to this hairstyle. A squarer face will benefit from the softness at the jawline.

Round faces can appear wider in the wrong areas depending where the layers sit, while narrow faces may appear elongated.

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What is the difference between a butterfly haircut and a shag haircut?

What is the difference between a butterfly haircut and a shag haircut?
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Now lets talk about the difference between a butterfly haircut and a shag haircut.

The butterfly haircut is an interpretation of the long haired shag.

Essentially it’s a long hairstyle with lots of layers that elegantly frame your face resulting in a flattering and versatile look. The beauty of this cut lies in how it adds movement to your hair and accommodates any hair length.

You may have also heard of a haircut called the ‘Wolf’ cut, which has been compared to the butterfly cut. While both share similarities in terms of layering, the wolf cut tends to have a shorter, textured look with more bangs incorporated, compared to the face framing softness typically seen in a butterfly cut.

In summary there are some distinctions, between a butterfly haircut and a shag haircut;

Butterfly Haircut

  • It’s a version of the traditional long haired shag.
  •  It features soft face framing layers.
  •  Known for its versatile appeal.
  •  Typically incorporates feathered ends.

Shag Haircut

  •  A hairstyle popularized in the 70s.
  •  Characterized by layers over the head.
  •  Gives a textured look.
  •  Can be either short or long.

Wolf Cut

  •  A haircut similar to the butterfly cut.
  •  Layering at the front is shorter than a butterfly and usually incorporates a fringe.
  •  Allows for both feathered or blunt ends when styling.

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For more information on butterfly haircuts you can watch this video:

Simple Butterfly Haircut Tutorial (Step-By-Step Guide)

Guide To Doing A ‘Butterfly Cut’ At Home

The butterfly haircut is a version of another haircut called “The Shag”. It features face framing layers and evenly layered sections at the back. To achieve this cut successfully you will need a comb and cutting scissors (and optionally thinning shears if you have thick hair).

Start by combing your hair from the point known as the Apex. Then section your hair to the ears symmetrically. Pull this section into a ponytail at the front of your hairline (think unicorn horn). The second section is the hair you have left at the back. This should be pulled up into a ponytail as high as you can on the top of the head. Proceed with cutting in such a way that ensures transitioning of face framing layers into the back area.

Once you’re done with cutting, style your hair, by blow drying it to add volume and texture. You should use styling products that enhance shine and body.

Butterfly Haircut Using 3 Ponytails:

Have you seen this video on creating a butterfly haircut using three ponytails? You can check it out here.

This butterfly haircut technique involves three ponytails. First you create a fringe triangle, on the forehead. Secure it with a ponytail. Then you place another ponytail pulled forward on top of the first one. Finally you make a ponytail at the crown of your head pointing upwards.

To achieve the desired haircut professional hairstylists recommend using FSE 20 scissors for blending cuts that remove excess weight from the hair. They also use FSE Precision scissors for precise point cutting to refine the look. 

Once the ponytails are released you can enhance the hairstyle by using a Dyson iron to add movement and create texture. To give your hair that finishing touch try applying Paul Mitchells Awapui Wild Ginger styling oil.

In addition to teaching this hairstyle the video also introduces a line of FSE scissors that are available at a discounted price when using a promotional code.

  1. Sectioning: When sectioning your hair for this Butterfly Haircut start by creating a triangular section from your fringe area and place the ponytail on your forehead. The second ponytail should be positioned above and slightly forward of the first one. Lastly make another ponytail at the top of your crown by directing it.
  2. Cutting Technique: When it comes to cutting techniques utilize FSE 20 scissors as they will remove about 20% of your hairs weight without creating harsh lines or edges. Begin with blending cuts to achieve an even distribution throughout your hair.
  3. Texturizing: For texturizing purposes after determining desired length with FSE scissors mentioned earlier in our tutorial; try using FSE Precision scissors for refined touches during the process.
  4. Styling: To style the Butterfly Haircut remove the ponytails carefully. Use a Dyson iron to add gentle movement.

The butterfly haircut is a version of the famous ’70s shag hairstyle offering versatility, movement and a fresh approach, to layering. It works well for all hair types.

Face shapes combining short and long layers to create a unique two in one look. Not does it add volume. Reduce hair thickness but it also requires minimal effort to maintain making it a popular choice for those who want both style and convenience.

As this haircut gains popularity in the fashion industry there are now tutorials and styling tips available that make it easier to achieve this look at home.

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