The “bun drop” is an Instagram trend where people, usually women, stand facing away from the camera and untie their hair in slow motion. It is also known as “bun dropping” and is said to be mesmerizing. The term “bun drop” is also used to describe when a woman’s hair is styled in buns until the end of the night when it is released.

We can always count on Instagram for some interesting beauty trends. Rainbow freckles, ribbon liner, and pumpkin spice hair are just a few of the wonderful things the social network has helped popularize. Now, they’re back at it again. The obsession du jour on Instagram? The bun drop.

Bun dropping videos are surprisingly hypnotic, which is why they have quickly started filling up our feeds. The concept is simple: Someone with long, Rapunzel-like strands is filmed from the back of their head.

The person gathers up their hair with one hand into a loose bun, and then they release it. Voila, the bun drop. Some of the videos even include music and slow motion to enhance the bun dropping experience.

It might not sound like much, but when you watch the videos, you somehow become entranced by them. They have the same mesmerizing effect as a really good shampoo commercial.

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If you’re looking for some new hair goal inspiration, the bun drop videos are where it’s at. There are currently 799 (and counting) videos with the #bundrop hashtag, and each and every one of them features silky, shiny strands. Start off watching one bun drop, and before you know it, you’ll be watching 20 of them.

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